WebP Plugin For Adobe Photoshop

WebP Plugin For Adobe Photoshop

WebP is increasingly popular image file format and one of the recommended formats by Google. You should consider using WebP format on your site or blog because of faster loading of pages and better result on Google Page Speed Insights what is one of the factors for better ranking and more visitors. Photoshop still does not support this format by default. Fortunately, there is a free plugin that will allow you to open and save a WebP image file format.

In this post, I will explain to you how to get and how to manually install WebP plugin for Adobe Photoshop.

Why bother with WebP

Before we start with WebP let me give you a little light on the subject. WebP is a relatively new file format that is intended for use on the web or the internet. It supports lossy and lossless compression. The main reason to use WebP is the same quality with a smaller price or fewer bytes. Here are some facts about WebP according to Google

  • WebP is superior to traditional JPEG and PNG file formats and saves up to 30% in file size
  • Lossless Webp compression supports transparency or alpha channel with a much smaller increase in file size compared to PNG. 

Here is link to WebP image gallery to check above statements https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/gallery.

Saving plus speed are two big reasons for every site/blog owner and developer. Also, WebP is natively supported by all major browsers on market: 

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Edge

Nobody who is involved in web development and can't say: no thanks! One of the reasons I have encountered recently is WebP file format received and requested from the client. I couldn't say no.

Converting online or using the free converter is a solution but it time-consuming and I need to do conversion twice! Enough reasons to start searching for Photoshop WebP plugin. 

Where to get WebP plugin for Photoshop 

You can download WebP plugin for Photoshop for free from GitHub. There are two versions for Windows and Mac computers respectively. Both versions are included in the same download but there is a small difference in installation instructions.

Download WebP plugin for Photoshop from here https://github.com/webmproject/WebPShop. Click on the Code drop-down then select Download Zip.

Download webp plugin for photoshop from GitHub
To follow my instructions download .zip file with WebP plugin from GitHub.

How to install WebP plugin for Adobe Photoshop

It is very easy to install WebP plugin. Instead of installing in the traditional way using the installer you must copy and paste plugin file into Plug-ins folder.

Here are installation steps

The very first step is to unzip the downloaded file as instructed above. You should see WebPShop-master folder. The folder name is the reference name which may be changed in the feature.

  • Copy WebPShop.8bi file from bin\WebPShop_0_3_0_Win_x64 folder.
  • Paste WebPShop.8bi file in Plug-ins folder:
    • Win: Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2020\Plug-ins
    • Mac: Applications/Adobe Photoshop/Plug-ins

copy webp plugin file
You will need to manually copy WebP plugin file and paste in Photoshop's Plug-in folder.

Start using WebP plugin for Photoshop

After pasting .8bi file in Plug-ins folder you can start using the plugin immediately. Restart Photoshop if it is running and start opening WebP images using File > Open or by dragging them into Photoshop window. When you want to save as WebP use Save As > WebP from Save as type drop-down list on Windows or Format on Mac.

webp format from save as type drop down list on windows
After installing plugin you will see option to save as WebP when using Save As from Photoshop.

For more information about saving options and encoding please read instructions on GitHub https://github.com/webmproject/WebPShop/blob/master/README.md

Software used in this tutorial:
Adobe Photoshop 21.2.4



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