How to Display Legacy Shapes Like Arrows in Photoshop 2020

How to Display Legacy Shapes Like Arrows in Photoshop 2020

One of the improved features in Photoshop 2020 or version 21 is related to presets panels. It is easier to organize and use presets including custom shapes. There are new custom shapes that are more suitable for the present time. However, some photoshoppers have a problem to find and use legacy shapes or shapes which were available in previous versions. If you are confused by what I mean by legacy shapes here are some examples: Arrows, Frames, Banners and Awards, Talk Bubbles and so on... All shapes from previous versions are still available just not displayed by default.

In this post, I will explain to you how to display and use legacy custom shapes in Photoshop Version 21.

Where are hidden legacy custom shapes in Photoshop 2020 or Version 21

So let's start with the Shapes panel. If you are familiar with Preset Manager it is still available from Presets > Preset Manager but you won't find any shape there. Custom shapes are moved to Window > Shapes panel.

After displaying Shapes panel you'll see groups that serve to easier manage and find custom shapes. By default, there are a couple of shape groups: Leaf Trees, Wild Animals, Boats and Flowers.

Where have gone arrows, speech bubbles, frames... with which you are familiar from the previous versions? Are they gone forever? All custom shapes from previous versions still ships with Photoshop and here are steps to display and use them:

  • Display Window > Shapes panel, do not forget that step. You will not find some option in, for example, custom shape flyout menu in the Options bar with Custom Shape Tool active.
  • Click on Shapes panel menu then select Legacy Shapes and More.
  • Expand Legacy Shapes and More group to see 2019 Shapes and All Legacy Default Shapes. Continue expanding nested groups to find a group that you are looking for like Arrows, Artistic Textures, Film, Light Bulbs and so on...
  • Once you find shape that you are looking for click on it and drag it onto canvas.
Steps to display shapes panel and legacy shapes in photoshop v21
Animation with steps to display Shapes panel and legacy shapes in Photoshop 2020.

Software used in this tutorial:
Adobe Photoshop 21.0.3


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