How to Quickly Batch Export/Convert Files Using Adobe Bridge

How to Quickly Batch Export/Convert Files Using Adobe Bridge

When it comes to file conversion, especially batch conversion, we are looking for an quick and easy process. One of the easiest and fastest ways to convert files/assets in Adobe products is export option in Adobe Bridge. For a record time, you can export hundreds of JPEG images using custom preset just by dragging and dropping files onto preset name.

In this post, I will explain to you why, when and how to use export functionality in Adobe Bridge.

Why and when to use Adobe Bridge for export

Adobe Bridge is a viewer and organizer which can preview any file extension saved or exported using Adobe products. Beside previewing and organizing files you can do many other essential and time-saving tasks like to convert assets to JPEG file format.

Use Bridge for conversion whenever you need to convert files without any additional adjustment like cropping, BW conversion and so on...

Export in Bridge offer and some customization options. Here is the list what you can change/set:

  • Quality of files
  • Fitting options 
  • Resample method 
  • Metadata template 
  • Custom keywords

export dialog in adobe bridge
Export dialogue in Adobe Bridge offers customization options when exporting files or creating export presets.

How to export from Bridge

Export/conversion of assets or files can be done from two spots in Adobe Bridge: File > Export to menu and Export panel. To use Export panel you must display it from Window > Export.

How to create export preset

There are two ways you can create export preset which can be used over and over again:

  • Go to File > Export to > set export options then click on Save button and lastly name your preset. It will be immediately available from the File menu but you may need to restart Bridge to see preset in Export panel.
  • Open Window > Export panel then click on Create new Preset button.
create new export preset
Consider creating export presets to save time when exporting/converting files in Adobe Bridge.

How to delete export preset

If you do not need export preset anymore, do the following:

  • Display Window > Export panel.
  • Click on the preset name.
  • Click on the trash icon at the bottom right of Export panel or right-click on preset and choose Delete.

delete export preset
To delete export preset from Export panel use right-click on preset to display context menu.

Steps to export/convert files in Bridge

To batch export/convert files to JPEG file format in Adobe Bridge you do not need preset created in advance. However, if you are exporting often with the same settings consider creating preset as explained above. Here is the process with or without preset:

  • In Adobe Bridge select images/files which you want to export/convert.
  • The second step can be done from two different spots:
    • Go to File > Export to > choose preset or click on Custom Export.
    • Drag files onto Custom Export or preset name in Export panel then click on Start Export button at the bottom right of panel.
export files using export preset in adobe bridge
Animation is showing how to batch convert raw files using export preset.

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Bridge (version

Asset conversion using the Export panel


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