Export Images With Multiple Export Presets in Lightroom Classic

Export Images With Multiple Export Presets in Lightroom Classic

One of the new and exciting features in the November 2019 release of Lightroom Classic 9.0 is the ability to perform multi-batch export for the same set of images. In other words, you can export the same image with print and web preset simultaneously from a single pass. This is one more feature to wonder: how it comes that we didn't have this feature in the past?

In this post, I will explain to you how to use the advantage of the new feature in Lightroom Classic to export images with multiple export presets.

Why export using multiple export presets?

The very first question which you may have is why export using multiple presets? What is so exciting about this new feature and why use it anyway?

New feature to export with multiple presets is a time saver in the first place. Many times you will need to export multiple versions of the same photo because of some requirements like file dimensions or file quality/size. Here are a few examples:

  • You want to export images with the highest quality but also optimized for the email to send to your client.
  • You want to export the image (images) for print but also and for social media.
  • You want to export multiple dimensions for your site, presentation, and social media.

How to export using multiple export presets

Hopefully, you are already familiar with export presets in Lightroom. If you want to learn how to create export presets please visit official help page and watch video tutorial.

Here are the steps to use a new feature that allows you to export the same photo(s) with multiple saved presets. You can also use and default export presets which ships with Lightroom.

  • Select photos or photos in Grid or Filmstrip view.
  • Go to File > Export or use Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + E keyboard shortcut.
  • From the Export To: drop-down list choose Hard Drive.
  • On the right side check all export presets which you want to use. There are Lightroom Presets and User Presets if you have created some export preset.
  • Click Export and you are done.
steps to export with multiple export presets in lightroom classic
Steps to export images from Lightroom Classic using multiple export presets.

Simple and straightforward, isn't it? Now let's see some options which are available in Export dialogue.

Create export preset on the fly in Export dialogue. Here is how:

  • Ensure that none of the export presets is checked in File > Export dialogue.
  • Set all desired export settings like Export Location, File Naming and so on...
  • Click on the Add button on the left side below list with export presets.
  • Type name in Preset Name text field, choose User Preset from Folder drop-down list and click Create button.
create preset in export dialogue
Steps to create export preset in Lightrom Classic's Export dialogue.

It is also possible to check settings for any preset. Here is how:

  • Ensure that none of the export presets is checked in File > Export dialogue.
  • Click on the name of export preset to see options or settings on the right side of Export dialogue.
  • Change export settings.
  • Right-click on the preset name and choose: Update With Current Settings.
update export preset in lightroom export dialogue
Export preset can be updated on the fly in the Export dialogue.

Software used in this tutorial:
Photoshop Lightroom Classic 9.1

What's new in Lightroom Classic 


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