How to Run Multiple Actions Over The Same Image and Save Multiple Versions During Single Batch Process in Photoshop

How to Run Multiple Actions Over The Same Image and Save Multiple Versions During Single Batch Process in Photoshop

Photoshop offers multiple ways for automation and batch processing. One of the tricky configurations which may need sometimes is how to run multiple Photoshop actions and save multiple versions of the same image during batch process.

In this post, I will explain to you how to run multiple actions during the batch process and how to save multiple versions of the same image using Image Processor Pro.

How to run multiple actions and save multiple versions using Image Processor Pro

So we are talking about a batch process where you need to save multiple versions of the same image in the same or different file format. You have several Photoshop actions which will create different effects and separate image with each effect should be exported or saved during the batch process. Here is simplified what I am talking about:

  • You have three Photoshop actions: retro, popart and fauxhdr.
  • You want to process a single image sample.jpg and to run all three actions over it.
  • Result of each action should be exported as a separate file so you will end up with three versions of sample.jpg file named after action names for an easier explanation:
    • sample_retro.jpg
    • sample_popart.jpg
    • sample_fauxhdr.jpg

So the quick and easy solution, assuming that you have actions recorded, is to use the free script named Image Processor Pro. Here is one more time link to download Image Processor Pro script.

Image Processor Pro allows you, among many other things, to process files and to run actions during the batch process. Even better, Image Processor Pro allows you to save in multiple file formats or multiple versions with the same file format and to run separate/different action for each version which should be saved.

Here is a tutorial that explains details on how to batch process files using Image Processor Pro. I will limit this tutorial to options to save multiple files or versions of the same image with different effects that are achieved using multiple Photoshop actions. Here is what to do in Image Processor Pro dialog:

  • Ensure that you have Save in the top right corner of the tab selected.
  • Choose format and set other options per your likeness.
  • Check Run Action and choose set + action which to run.
  • Repeat for every version of the same image: check option save, set saving options and do not forget to check Run Action then choose different Photoshop action to run.
image processor pro
Important part for batch processing with multiple versions saved is to tick Save in section 3 File Types and to check Run Action then to choose action set and action from the Action drop down lists.

The above configuration will allow you to save the same image multiple times processed using multiple different Photoshop actions. Just to be clear: if you have multiple images to process, say ten (10) different images and you want to run three different actions and save three different versions of each image then you will end up with thirty (30) different files when the batch finishes. If you have any doubts or difficulties, please do not hesitate to leave comments.

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Photoshop CC 20.0.6


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