How to Batch Process Raw Files and Save Them in Multiple File Formats Using Adobe Photoshop

How to Batch Process Raw Files and Save Them in Multiple File Formats Using Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the best image editing software on the market. There are numerous built-in and third party plugins and scripts to batch process files. In this tutorial, I will explain to you one of the available solutions using a built-in script which is named Image Processor. I will be specific to only one of many possible situations: how to batch process Raw files and save them in multiple file formats like JPEG, PSD, and TIFF. Not only that you can batch process raw files but there is also additional option to scale processed files to some specific pixel dimensions plus to run Photoshop action which can do so many things during the batch process.

Use Image Processor for Batch process

Image Processor is built in script which ships with Photoshop. Image Processor is suitable for batch processes when you need to process lots of images using the same treatment. One of the interesting and useful options is to save processed files in multiple file formats. Available file formats are JPEG, PSD, and TIFF. Another useful option is to run action during the batch process what can be useful but you must know how to record Photoshop action.
Image Processor dialog box

Image Processor is available from File > Scripts > Image Processor. Here is an explanation of available commands in Image Processor dialog:

  • Section 1 - Select the images to process gives you two options:
    • Use Open Images. This option will instruct Photoshop to process open images. For this option to work you must have an open image(s) in Photoshop. 
    • Select Folder button will open dialog to navigate to the folder with images which you want to batch process. When using this option another sub-option will be available: Include All Subfolders which will instruct Photoshop to process and images from subfolders if there is any inside the selected folder.
      • Open first image to apply settings is a useful option to check when processing Raw files captured under the same lighting conditions. You can apply adjustments to the first open image. Settings or adjustments will be remembered and applied to all other images in the batch process. Note: after adjusting image in Camera Raw click on Open Image button. Another situation where this option can come in handy is to change the color profile. 

  • Section 2 - Select location to save processed images is providing to you 2 saving options:
    • Save in Same Location will create a new folder inside a folder which contains images for batch process and will save processed images inside a newly created folder. The folder will be named after file extension chosen in File Type section.
    • Select Folder option will activate button which you can click to navigate to the folder where you want to save images.
Folders with processed files after batch processing raw images using Image Processor
Here is example of processed Raw images with instructions:
  • Save in Same Location
  • Save as JPEG
  • Save as PSD
  • Save as TIFF

  • Section 3 - File Type is where you can choose the file format and some additional options. In order to save processed files in one or more offered format, you must click on the square in front of format name to appear checkmark.
    • Save as JPEG is offering to Resize to Fit, Quality settings and Convert to sRGB in case that you want to convert the color profile to sRGB or internet standard.
    • Save as PSD is offering to Resize to Fit inside typed dimensions during the batch process and one important option: Maximize Compatibility which will create full size fattened preview for other programs which supports PSD. Without this option, for example, Lightroom will not be able to see file not to offer further processing.
    • Save as TIFF is the third and last format which is offered. Along the standard Resize to Fit option which allows you to scale images there is and LZW Compression option to compress processed files and to save some bytes. 

  • Section 4 - Preferences you are allowed to choose a couple of additional options:
    • Run Action is allowing you to run already recorded Photoshop action which will be used for each and every file in the batch process.
    • Copyright Info text box is allowing you to type copyright information. Same text or copyright info will be added to each and every file in the batch process.
    • The last option is Include ICC Profile which will embed color profile when saving files.

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Photoshop CC 2019

Process a batch of files


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