Share Content From Creative Cloud Assets

Share Content From Creative Cloud Assets
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Sharing files is a common task for all designers and photographers. There are many sharing platforms online where you can store files and share them with clients, colleagues and so on... One of the coolest sharing platforms which allow you to preview Photoshop and Illustrator files is available for free or is embedded in your subscription plan. With free Adobe ID, you will get 2GB of free space while paid subscription will give you up to 1TB of storage space.

In this tutorial, I will explain to you how to share files using Creative Cloud Assets. If you are interested in how to store, manage and share Creative Cloud content please visit this link to official help page

Steps to share files from Creative Cloud Assets

The very first step to share files is to upload them to Creative Cloud assets what can be done through Creative Cloud apps or by uploading files using web uploader.

Once you have files in Creative Cloud Assets there are a few clicks remaining to share them with a few additional sharing options. I will describe sharing from CC Assets web page for what you need to visit Creative Cloud Assets in one of the following ways:

  • Point your favorite browser to
  • You can also use links from Photoshop, for example. Select an item in the Libraries panel then click on the Libraries panel menu > View on Website.
  • Use link View on Web from Creative Cloud Desktop app.
  • Link to Creative Cloud Assets from Creative Cloud Desktop App
  • Use the link from the Creative Cloud files folder: right click on folder > Creative Cloud > View on Website.

Share from the Creative Cloud Assets

On the Creative Cloud Assets site do the following:

  • Select the Files tab (also works with Libraries tab).
  • Hover mouse over folder which you want to share: 
    •  Click on a square to appear checkmark.
    •  Click on the Share icon then select Invite or Share.
  • Expand folder in which lives file which you want to share:
    •  Hover over the file which you want to share.
    •  Click on a square to appear checkmark.
    •  Click on the Share icon.
  • When share link to "filename" appears you will have a couple of customization options:
    •  Allow Download - obviously, this is required if you want to share files with others.
    •  Allow Commenting - this is optional.
    •  Allow Save to Creative Cloud - this is also optional but very useful because people with the link can save directly files without downloading them first.
  • Lastly, click on the Copy Link button and send URL or use it on your blog/site.
  • There is also and link Remove Link to cancel or stop sharing file/folder.
Share content using Creative Cloud Assets
From Creative Cloud Assets site you can share folder or file or to send invitation. Above animation is demonstrating steps on Files tab to share/invite to folder or to share file with a few customization options.


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