How to Quickly Create Layout With Help of Guide Layout in Photoshop

How to Quickly Create Layout With Help of New Guide Layout in Photoshop

New Guide Layout command from View menu is a fantastic feature which I am using every time when creating a layout in Photoshop CC. Using guided layout you can quickly divide canvas or space with or without gutter and margins.

In this tutorial, I want to draw your attention to View > New Guide Layout command in Photoshop CC. This command is extremely useful to arrange, position objects but also and to draw/define the layout for your design.

Why and how to use the New Guide Layout

You should use guide layout whenever dividing space for whatever reason. Another case to create guides using the guide layout is when you want to position objects. Do not forget to turn on View > Snap and Snap To > Guides. Those options will help you when positioning objects or when drawing shapes because you can rely on snap feature which works very well.

  • To display the New Guide Layout dialog go to View > New Guide Layout...
  • On the right side ensure that Preview is checked so you can see what are you doing in New Guide Layout dialog. Another useful tip is to hold down Alt/Opt key and Cancel will become Reset. A useful tip when you mess things up and you want to start from scratch.
  • From the Preset drop-down list you can choose some of the predefined presets. Use the same drop-down list to save and load presets.
  • From the Target drop-down list, you can choose to target Canvas, Selected Artboard or All Artboards. Note: this drop-down list is active only when you have artboards in your document.
  • There are two sections in the middle: Columns and Rows. You can turn them on and off individually. Type number of columns/rows you want and below specify Width, Height and optionally Gutter.
  • At the bottom in the Margin section, you can specify margins for all 4 sides individually.
  • Lastly, at the very bottom you have two options:
    • Center Columns which has sense only if you have specified column width in pixels. Columns will be arranged from the left side of canvas unless you check Center Columns.
    • Clear existing guides is a useful option to check if you already have guides and you want to delete them.

Columns section in New Guide Layout dialog in Photoshop
Columns operations in New Guide Layout dialog and corresponding result on canvas.
Rows section in New Guide Layout dialog in Photoshop
Rows and Margin sections in New Guide Layout with corresponding result on canvas.

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Photoshop CC 2019

Grid and guides


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