Font Packs on Adobe Fonts

Font Packs on Adobe Fonts

Former Typekit is now Adobe Fonts, as you may already know. This means that you have access to 14,000 fonts without any limitation. You can sync any number of fonts or use them on the web with any subscription model including a single app and Photography plan. Great isn't it?

In this post, I want to draw your attention to Font Packs for any occasion which can be great time savers. Font Packs are created by Adobe Fonts team and special guests.

How to access and install font packs from Adobe Fonts

The very first step is to visit Adobe Fonts site. One of the ways is to click on Add fonts from Typekit icon in application font drop-down list.
Add fonts from Typekit within application
You can visit Adobe Fonts by clicking on Add fonts from Typekit icon within application (Photoshop in my screenshot).

Click on Font Packs in the top right corner to activate that tab.
Activate Fonts Pack tab on Adobe Fonts

You will see collections for many occasions (design jobs) like wedding, party, movie poster, travel brochure...
Font Packs page
On Font Packs page you will see collections for many occasions listed

You can immediately install (sync) all fonts from the Font Packs page using switcher Activate All Fonts
Activate all fonts from font packs page
You can activate (install, sync) all fonts from Font Packs page using Activate All Fonts switcher.

Click on collection name or thumbnail to open a page with more details and preview options.

At the top, you will see description and explanation why and when to use fonts from that particular collection.
Font Pack description
At the top of Font Pack page you will see name of pack (collection) and detailed description why and when to use fonts from that particular collection.

On the left side is a list with all fonts included in that particular pack plus View options. You can preview fonts in list or grid style.

On the right side, you will see a number of fonts included in the collection.

Type something in Sample Text field and change text size if you want to preview fonts with customized text and size.
Type custom text and preview all fonts in collection then activate all fonts
Type your custom text in the Sample Text field to preview all fonts in collection with your text. Preview all fonts and if you like collection click on Activate All Fonts.

Scroll down to preview all fonts with custom text (or default) and lastly click to turn on switcher Activate All Fonts.


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