Why and How to Create Reusable Templates in Photoshop Using Smart Object Layers

Why and How to Create Reusable Templates in Photoshop Using Smart Object Layers

Photoshop's reusable templates (mockups) are very popular. In this video tutorial, I will explain to you how to create a reusable template using Smart Object layers which allows you to quickly and easily replace its content using manual method or using Photoshop actions to automate the process.

Why and when to use reusable templates (mockups)

In essence, every Photoshop's document saved with PSD extension is a template. Probably the most useful templates are those which can be reused by changing only one part of the design or composition. By changing content on a single layer, for example, you can get finished product ready to post on social media sites, to upload a product preview in your online store, to create a cover for your blog post, to achieve cool text or image effect which you can incorporate in your project and so on...

Video tutorial

Here is my video tutorial which will explain to you the process of creating a reusable template using Smart Object layers with a couple of ways to quickly replace contents manually or using Photoshop action. If you have any doubt or difficulties please do not hesitate to leave comments or ask a question.

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

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