Naming (Labeling) Adobe XD Assets

Rename assets in Adobe XD

One of the new features in July 2018 update of Adobe XD is named: label assets. What means label assets? Simply speaking it means that you can rename saved color, character style or symbol from the Assets panel.

Why and how to label assets in Adobe XD

The very first question you may have is why label assets anyway? Why not enjoy default naming convention which is done automatically by XD? Why spend time on labeling assets? One of the benefits and reason to spend time on labeling assets is speed because it is easier to find asset when it is labeled with a meaningful name like a paragraph, heading (H1, H2...), caption, primary, secondary color and so on...

Let's go now to actual labeling. Here are the steps:
  • Open Assets panel by clicking on assets panel icon on the right side of the screen or using keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Y.
  • Double click on asset default name/value.
  • Type new and meaningful name then click outside or press Enter/Return. Another option is to press Tab key to accept change and jump to the next asset below with text field highlighted so you can immediately change its name/value.
Rename assets from the assets panel in Adobe XD
To rename assets from the Assets panel in Adobe XD do the following:
  • Press Ctrl/Cmd + Shift +Y to open Assets panel
  • Double click on asset name to highlight it what means you are in editing mode
  • Type meaningful name and optionally confirm on Enter/Return
  • Press Tab key to jump to the next asset with highlighted name so you can retype it

Some things to consider:
  • Symbol renamed in Asset panel will also appear with that name in the Layers panel.
  • There are list view and grid view in the Assets panel. Howering over asset will display tooltip which is different in each view. Grid view tooltip will display the name of the asset.
  • You can use filter and search options to search for the asset by name. Just start typing the name of the asset for which you are looking for.

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe XD

July 2018 Release of Adobe XD: Stroke Enhancements, Commenting on Design Specs, and More


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