How to Add (Record) Additional Step in Photoshop Action

How to Add Additional Step in Photoshop Action

Adding or recording additional step to existing action in Photoshop is a common task for developers and many occasional users. It turns out that it can be very useful and for every user to learn this easy skill.

In this post, I will guide you through steps to add a step(s) to existing Photoshop action. If you want to learn from scratch here is my mini course about Photoshop actions to learn the basics.

Why add an additional step

There are many scenarios when it can be useful to add an additional step to Photoshop action even when action works just fine. For example: conditional step can be added to check bit depth or image orientation and to inform you through a message in action when a file has different bit depth or orientation of what is expected.

Another scenario is that downloaded/recorded action have a missing or wrongly recorded step which needs to be replaced.

Another scenario is to add a step to open the file at the beginning of action before running action which is recorded to run on the already open file.

Record additional step

I will assume that Window > Actions panel is visible on your screen. Here are the steps:

  • Expand action in which you want to add an additional step.
  • Click on a step in action to select it. Additional step will be added below selected step. By the way, step in action can be moved to any position in steps stack order. When the action is selected instead of step in action, an additional step will be added at the bottom as the last step in action.
  • Click Begin recording button at the bottom of Actions panel. This step is not required when using Insert Menu Item, Insert Stop, Insert Conditional, and Insert Path commands from the Actions panel menu.
  • Perform action which you want to record.
  • Click Stop Playing/Recording button at the bottom of Actions panel. 

Record additional step in Photoshop action
Steps to add (record) additional step in Photoshop action. For more details see bulleted list above this animation.
Record additional step in action using Insert Path menu command
When using Actions panel menu to add a step there is no need to click on the button to start and stop recording action. In this example with Insert Path command which will record step to draw path, the only requirement is that path in the Paths panel is selected.

Note: the step from the action can be moved/duplicated to some other action. To duplicate step hold down Alt/Opt key while dragging step.
Duplicate step from one action to another in Adobe Photoshop
Steps from action can be moved or duplicated in the same or any other action. To duplicate step just hold down Alt/Opt key while dragging step.

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

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