Transparency Grid for SVG and PNG Files in Adobe Bridge

Transparency Grid for SVG and PNG Files in Adobe Bridge

One of the frequently requested features among Adobe Bridge users is the transparency grid which is indicating that the file has a transparent background. Starting with the update on 16 July 2018, Adobe Bridge is showing transparency grid (checkerboard) in thumbnail view/preview for PNG and SVG files. Ensure that you are running version or update Bridge via Creative Cloud application.

Turn on transparency grid

You may need to update the Creative Cloud application to see an update available. You may also need to restart the computer to see changes after installing the update.

Ensure that Show Transparency Grid in Preferences > Thumbnails tab is checked. You can also click on Options for thumbnail quality and preview generation button and select Show Transparency Grid.
Show transparency grid in preferences
One way to enable transparency grid is to visit Preferences > Thumbnails and to check Show Transparency Grid.

Preserve transparency in Output workspace

If you want to preserve transparency in Output workspace then go to Preferences > Output tab and check Preserve Transparency for Images. Another way to do turn this option on is to click on the Output Settings panel menu and to select Preserve Transparency for Images.
Output Settings panel menu
To preserve transparency in Output workspace click on Output Settings panel menu then select Preserve Transparency for Images.

Transparency grid is not yet available for PSD, TIFF files

Transparency grid is available for PNG and SVG files but not yet for PSD, PSB and TIFF files. They are still showing a white background even though the file has a transparent background.

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Bridge CC (version

New features summary - July 2018 and October 2017 releases of Bridge CC (version 8.x)


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