Free Photoshop Action to Create Collage From Single Image With up to 12 Pieces

Free Photoshop Action to Create Collage From Single Image With up to 12 Pieces

Today I have to share Photoshop action which is creating a collage from a single image. Collages from a single image are very popular and can be used for banners, flyers, social media posts and so on...

The final effect is fully customizable, provided action should be a starting point to create a collage from a single image.

Download Free Collage Photoshop Action

The license is free for personal and commercial projects as and everything else listed in freebies section and on my site Photoshop Plus > Free.

Video tutorial

Here is a video with instructions on how to load, play action and how to customize the final result. If you have any additional question please do not hesitate to leave comments.


Hi guys, in this tutorial I will explain to you how to use Collage 12 Pieces action for Adobe Photoshop.

You can download this action for free from my blog DesignEasy.

The first step is to run Photoshop and to open any image. Display Actions panel from Window > Actions. Click on Actions panel menu > choose Load Actions... then navigate to Collage 12 Pieces.atn and double click on that file.

Expand the action set then click on Collage action to select it. Click Play selection button at the bottom of Actions panel. When message appear read it then click Continue or Stop to pause playing action.

It is desired to crop the image to a 3x2 aspect ratio. Use the Crop tool to crop the image then resume playing action.

The next message will inform you that you need to adjust Stroke and Drop Shadow effects. Click Continue button and Layer Style dialog will open where you can change settings for Stroke and Drop Shadow. If you don't get it right from the first try, do not worry. You will have a chance to change Layer Style when action finishes playing.

Photoshop will create a collage with twelve pieces. All collage pieces will be on separate layers and grouped into layer groups.

Expand layer group to see the original image which is locked so you can not accidentally click and reposition it and below is vector shape to which is image clipped.

To start customizing collage activate the Move tool. Turn on Auto-Select > Layer in the Options bar. Click on any piece and then drag it to reposition it or press Ctrl/Cmd +  T to enter Free Transform mode. Change orientation, dimensions, and move shape as necessary. Lastly, confirm transformation.

Collage pieces can be hiden or deleted. Click on a piece with the Move tool to select a shape in the Layers panel then press Ctrl/Cmd plus comma. This will hide temporarily that particular piece.

To change stacking order for some of the collage pieces, click anywhere with the Move tool to select a shape in the Layers panel. Collapse layer group then click and drag to reposition the layer group's stacking order in the Layers panel.

You can change layer style at any time. My recommendation is to add a solid color background to make things easier to adjust drop shadow effect. Create a new layer at the bottom then fill the layer with a solid color. Open layer style dialog by double-clicking on effects below shape layer. Change settings then confirm on OK button. Right-click and copy layer style. Filter for shape layers. Select first shape layer, shift-click to select the last layer, then right click and paste layer style.

Thanks for watching and cheers. If you have any additional question or doubt please do not hesitate to leave comments on YouTube or on my blog DesignEasy.


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