Learn Photoshop Basics Within the App From Learn Panel

Learn Photoshop Basics Using Learn Panel

Official Adobe help system is heavily underrated. It is probably the best free resource to learn basics and to get started with all Adobe products. Adobe help system is full of highest quality video tutorials and tutorials with practice files. In this post, I will focus on most popular Adobe product Photoshop as an example. Beside basics, you can learn and advanced Photoshop techniques like how to combine images in creative ways. Along with detailed instructions, you will get and free practice files!

Best of all, you do not need to open your browser nor to search to learn basics. Do it within the app from Learn panel. Open Window > Learn panel then choose topic and practice using practice files provided to you along with a description of required steps.

How to access Learn panel in Photoshop CC 2018

The very first information which you need is that Learn panel is introduced in Photoshop CC 2018. Ensure that you are running the latest version with most recent updates.

Access Learn panel with built-in tutorials from Start workspace

When you run Photoshop CC 2018 (I am using version 19.1.2) you should see Start workspace with Work and Learn tabs. To see start workspace it must be enabled in Preferences > General > Show Start Workspace When No Documents Are Open.

Step 1 

Click on Learn to switch to that tab then click on before/after image thumbnail to open Learn panel.
Click on before after image thumbnail in the Learn tab

Step 2

Click Next button and practice file will be open.
Click Next button to open practice file

Step 3

In the Learn panel read instructions. Pop-ups on the screen will guide you through the entire process, just follow instructions like which tool to activate and how to set tool options.
Pop-ups on screen will guide you through entire process

Step 4

After completing a task or practice click next button in the Learn panel to see a confirmation message and option to continue learning using built-in tutorials.

Display and start using Learn panel at any time

Beside from the Start workspace you can display Learn panel and access built-in tutorials from Window > Learn.

There will be sections or content divided by topics. Click on the triangle on the right side of the topic to expand it then choose tutorial by clicking on before/after image thumbnail.
Expand topic in Learn panel then click on before after image thumbnail

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 (19.1.2)

New features summary - January 2018 and October 2017 releases of Photoshop CC (versions 19.x)


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