How to Create Listing on Adobe Exchange

How to Create Listing on Adobe Exchange

Recently Adobe Add-ons has been upgraded to Adobe Exchange. There are numerous improvements for publishers and users.

In this post, I will cover how to create listing (product) on Adobe Exchange what is useful for existing and potential publishers.

How to Register for the Exchange Producer Program

The very first step is to Register for the Exchange Producer Program / Technology Partner Program. There are two options: Create an Adobe ID & Register and Register with an existing Adobe ID.
Register for Adobe Exchange Producer Program

Click on Get Started button and follow instructions.
Signup for Adobe Exchange Producer Program

Create listing on Adobe Exchange

Once you have account setup the next step is to prepare images, videos, and documents to showcase and support the product. Here is quick start guide created by Adobe Exchange team. Here is a link to download template for showcase images.

Note: App icon should be under 100kb while preview images cannot exceed 300kb.

Once you have an account setup and everything in place login and visit Adobe Exchange > Create Listing page.
Create listing page

Click on Create Listing button.

By the way, you can scroll down to open useful Developer Resources documentation for individual Adobe products.
Developer resources section

Steps to create a listing

  • When app listing page opens click on Create Listing button in the top right corner.
  • In the Details tab start filling text boxes with the product name, description and do not forget to choose and enter custom tags. 
  • In the Images tab, you can upload up to 10 preview images and add up to 10 supporting video(s).
  • In the Upload & Docs tab you can upload ZXP, ZIP, PSD, AI... files and Documents (Read me files, sample files, etc. - in PDF format - up to 10 files). At the bottom choose Platform and product compatibility. If you have instructions how to sell product upload PDF with instructions how to sell the product. Lastly, type version and click Save & Next button.
  • In the Notes & EULA tab paste end user license agreement, type instructions for the user where to find product and note for approver. Check Publish this listing immediately upon approval to avoid additional effort to publish product after it is approved. Click on Save button to be able to Preview listing as it will be seen by visitors on Adobe Exchange. Lastly, click Submit button and you are done.
Steps to create listing on Adobe Exchange



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