New Adobe Exchange Is Live (Video)

New Adobe Exchange Is Live

As previously announced new Adobe Exchange is live starting with March 5th, 2018. I have already covered advantages of the upgrade for producers and users and how to update listing on Adobe Exchange. In this tutorial, I will introduce to you most important sections and features of Adobe Exchange and how to access them from the user perspective.

Video tutorial

Here is my video recording which will guide you through Creative Cloud Exchange on Adobe Exchange site.


Hi guys, in this quick tip I will guide you how to access and use Creative Cloud Exchange. 

To access Creative Cloud Exchange or former Adobe Add-ons visit Adobe Exchange site and click on Creative Cloud or Creative Cloud Exchange link. 

At the top, you will see featured products. The next section is search field with sorting list on the right side. You can sort by Most recent, Title (A to Z), Price and so on ... 

On the left side, you can display products only for a specific application like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign... 

In the main area, you will see products which are editor picks. 

To access and manage acquired products scroll down and look for My Exchange link. You must be logged in, by the way. 

There is also and Resources section with links to Forum and Help & Troubleshooting guide. 

If you want to try your hands as a producer click on Go to producer portal link in Become a Producer section. 

On the product page, you will find lots of useful links and info. Top section offers a download link to Download/install another way if you do not have the Creative Cloud Desktop App installed and file syncing is not turned on. 

The main area contains previews and videos related to the product. 

There is also a section with info about compatibility, file size and so on... and you have to share links below. 

Below product previews you can read Product Description, to see Ratings and Reviews or to learn Where To Find It (product). 

At the very bottom, you will find previews of related products by the same producer. 

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