How to Send and Track Even Large Files Using Adobe Acrobat DC

How to Send and Track Files Using Acrobat DC

With Acrobat DC subscription it is quick and easy to send large files and track views and downloads. Beside tracking info there are and other useful options like to send a personalized message. The files will be securely stored in Adobe Document Cloud while recipient(s) will receive an email message with a link to view files and optionally to download them.

In this tutorial, I will guide you through steps to send and track files using Acrobat DC.

Video tutorial

Here is my video recording with easy steps required to send almost any kind of files (even large files) using Adobe Acrobat DC.

Steps to send files with tracking info

As most of the features in Acrobat DC, it is extremely easy to access and use Send & Track command. Here are the steps:

  • Open file in Acrobat DC then go to Tools > Send & Track. Another way, without any file open, is to use Tools > Send & Track > click on Open and navigate to file which you want to send
  • Send & Track dialog will open. Selected Files section is showing which files will be sent. 
  • Attach more files using Add Files button. Files can be in any format like JPEG, PNG, TXT...
  • To remove the file from package to be sent click on X on the right side of the file name.
  • Selected files section
  • There are two sending options:
    • Create Anonymous Link (with basic usage information). When this option is chosen Acrobat will upload files to Document Cloud and display a dialog with two options: Email Link and Copy Link.
    • Send Personalized Invitation (with detailed tracking). When this option is chosen user will see two additional text fields: Send To to enter email addresses and Subject & Message to type a personalized message to the recipient(s). 
    Send personalized invitation
  • On the right side under Recipient Page title you can Add Your Logo & Color (must be set up online) and Include Reply-To.
  • Lastly, click Send button and wait for Acrobat to upload files to Document Cloud and to send the email (s).
  • To see a number of views use  Home > Sent view.
  • Views stats for sent files

How to unshare or remove shared files

In case you want to unshare or remove shared files you can do that from Home > Sent > click on the shared file to select it > click on Unshare or Remove.
Unshare or remove shared files
To unshare or remove shared files click on file in the Sent view to display options then click on Unshare or Remove.

How to see a number of downloads

To see downloads count visit Adobe PDF Services by clicking on Track Online in the Sent view then click on View Full Activity.
How to see downloads count
To see downloads count you must visit Adobe PDF Services online then to click on View Full Activity.

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Acrobat DC

Send and track large files online


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