How to Remove Background Noise Using Adobe Audition CC 2018

How to Remove Background Noise Using Adobe Audition CC 2018

One of a lesser known member of Adobe Creative Cloud is Adobe Audition CC 2018. This software can be used for a common task to remove background noise from audio. Noise Reduction effect can be used to remove any noise that is constant like microphone background noise, power-line hum... The process is simple and very effective, even absolute beginners can accomplish this task.

Steps to remove background noise

There are a couple of ways to import an audio file into Adobe Audition CC 2018. You can open the file directly from Premiere Pro (Edit > Edit in Adobe Audition). I will use File > Open from Audition CC. Note that you can separate audio file before importing or to import video format without separating audio from the video what will be done automatically by Adobe Audition CC 2018. However, you can export only audio file, video can be previewed and used as a reference. Here are the steps:
  • Run Adobe Audition CC 2018.
  • Go to File > Open then navigate to file (.mp4, .wav ...) and double-click it. Here is the list of supported file formats.
  • Press Shift + D or click on Show Spectral Frequency Display icon.
  • You need to sample noise or sounds that you do not want to hear and to tell to Adobe Audition what to remove. Activate Marquee Selection Tool and drag to select an area with noise only. It should be at least half second long. After selecting area press Spacebar on your keyboard (you should have Loop Playback Ctrl + L active) to listen to sounds in the selected area to ensure that you have selected right area/sounds.
  • Right-click and choose Capture Noise Print (Ctrl + P). You can also use Effects > Noise Reduction/Restoration > Capture Noise Print.
  • Press Ctrl + A to select everything.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + P or go to Effects > Noise Reduction/Restoration > Noise Reduction (process).
  • In the Effect - Noise Reduction dialog click on Play button to preview sound with default values applied. You can check Output Noise Only to preview only noise. In this way, you can check that desired sounds are not removed.
  • There are many parameters which you can adjust to improve noise reduction. Click on Play button to listen sound and try with Noise Reduction and Reduce by sliders. There isn't any strict rule for the amount of Noise Reduction but keep in mind that too much reduction (100%) will make sound robotic. Reduce by slider controls amplitude reduction and it usually works in the range 6 - 30dB. In the Advanced settings section you can fine-tune noise reduction:
    • Spectral Decay Rate allows greater noise reduction with fewer artifacts. Values 40-75% works best.
    • Smoothing is reducing burbly background artifacts.
    • Precision Factor controls changes in amplitude. Values 5-10 works best.
    • Transition Width determines the amplitude range between noise and desirable audio.
  • When you are satisfied click on Apply button and you are done.
  • To save file use File > Save As command.

Steps to remove background noise in Adobe Audition CC 2018
Steps to remove background noise in Audition CC 2018 described in the unordered list which is just above this animation.

Software used in this tutorial:
Adobe Audition CC 2018

Reduce noise and restore audio


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