How to Insert and Update Raster and Vector Assets in Adobe Xd CC From CC Libraries Panel

How to Insert and Update Raster and Vector Assets in Adobe Xd CC From CC Libraries Panel

Creative Cloud Libraries are introduced on August 22, 2017, update for Experience Design CC. There are a couple of updates since then. At the present time, February 2018, users can insert raster and vector graphics from CC Libraries into Xd CC prototype. Another very cool and important feature is that raster (Photoshop) and vector (Illustrator) graphics can be edited and updated through Libraries panel.

How to insert raster and vector graphics

The process of inserting raster (pixel-based) and vector assets from CC Libraries panel is easy and simple:
  • Display CC Libraries panel from Hamburger menu > Open CC Libraries (Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + L\).
  • Use drop-down in the top left corner to choose library with assets which you want to insert.
  • Click on image/graphic and drag it where you want to insert/place asset.
  • Scale inserted image/graphic using corner handles.

Note: do not touch link icon in the top left corner because that will unlink inserted asset with its parent in the library and you won't be able to update it later using your favorite raster (Photoshop) or vector based (Illustrator) software.

How to modify and update inserted image/graphic

This is another easy and quick automated process. Here are the steps:

  • In the Libraries panel right click on image/graphic which is inserted into Xd CC and choose Edit... This will automatically run Photoshop or Illustrator depend on file type or which application you were using to create image/graphic. You can hover over an item in Libraries panel to see a pop-up with the file type and app name which was used to create it.
  • Make changes an save them.
  • Inserted image/graphic will be updated automatically.
Insert and update assets in xd cc using libraries panel
Animation which is visualizing process to insert and update graphics in Adobe Xd CC using Libraries panel.

Video tutorial

Here is my recording for those who prefer video tutorials. You can also watch it on YouTube along with other Adobe Xd CC video tips.

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Xd CC



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