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How to Create See-through Retro Style Text Effect in Photoshop With Editable Text (Video)

Retro style effects are timeless and very popular these days. In this video tutorial, I will guide you through steps to create see-through retro style effect applied to text in Adobe Photoshop. Exactly same technique and steps are required to apply the same effect to shape or any other pixel-based layer.

Enjoy and leave comments if you have any additional question or doubts.

Video tutorial Here is my tutorial with all required steps to create retro style text effect. Along the way, I will give to you and additional explanations to the questions which may come to your mind while you follow this tutorial.

Free Retro Style Effect Photoshop Action

Today I have to share Photoshop action which is creating a see-through retro effect. Action will work with type, shape or pixel based layer. You can instantly see the retro effect in your multilayered composition. The only requirement is that single layer with content from which should be created retro effect must be selected in the Layers panel.

The license is free for personal and commercial projects as and everything else listed in freebies section and on my site Photoshop Plus > Free.

How to use action It is simple and easy to run action even for beginners. Here are the steps:
Run Photoshop.Go to File > Open then navigate to Free Retro Style.atn and double-click on it.Display Actions panel from Window > Actions.Select type, shape or pixel based layer in the Layers panel.Select action: Retro Style Effect then click Play selection button in the Actions panel.
Video instructions Here is video tutorial which will guide you through steps how to use action in a multilayered doc…

Most Popular Photoshop Actions and Panels

Adobe Photoshop actions and panels are extremely popular time savers for repetitive but also for very complex tasks. Actions and panels can also solve the problem which does not have built-in features in Photoshop to easily accomplish the task.

If you just getting started with Photoshop actions please read Photoshop Actions Mini Course before proceeding.

In this post, I will list most popular free and paid actions and panels which are available on Adobe Exchange and Graphic River.

About criteria which I am using In this section, I want to give you insight into criteria which I am using to create this list.

Adobe Exchange and Graphic River cover most of the market share. These two marketplaces have attracted most successful producers and most of the audience. Both markets have Rating and Reviews sections and filters to get insight which extensions for a particular product are high quality and on demand.

If you are using templates, actions, and other ready-made goodies for Photoshop, Ill…

How to Send and Track Even Large Files Using Adobe Acrobat DC

With Acrobat DC subscription it is quick and easy to send large files and track views and downloads. Beside tracking info there are and other useful options like to send a personalized message. The files will be securely stored in Adobe Document Cloud while recipient(s) will receive an email message with a link to view files and optionally to download them.

In this tutorial, I will guide you through steps to send and track files using Acrobat DC.

Video tutorial Here is my video recording with easy steps required to send almost any kind of files (even large files) using Adobe Acrobat DC.

Steps to send files with tracking info As most of the features in Acrobat DC, it is extremely easy to access and use Send & Track command. Here are the steps:
Open file in Acrobat DC then go to Tools > Send & Track. Another way, without any file open, is to use Tools > Send & Track > click on Open and navigate to file which you want to sendSend & Track dialog will open. Selec…

Free Retro Fantasy Fibers Patterns for Photoshop and Elements

Today I have to share Retro Fantasy Fibers seamless tiling patterns. Patterns will be delivered with .pat extension and as JPEG images. Patterns are useful for the Web and Print design. The license is free for personal and commercial projects as and everything else listed in freebies section and on my site Photoshop Plus > Free.

Patterns in this package are created using The Best Photoshop PluginFilter Forge. There are and so many other cool things that you can do using Filter Forge and Photoshop.

Here is a useful link for Photoshop newbies: How to Manage and Work with Presets in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

What is included in the package Package contains set of 5 different seamless tiling patterns with the following dimensions: 512x512px.

Preview of all patterns included in the package

How to Remove Background Noise Using Adobe Audition CC 2018

One of a lesser known member of Adobe Creative Cloud is Adobe Audition CC 2018. This software can be used for a common task to remove background noise from audio. Noise Reduction effect can be used to remove any noise that is constant like microphone background noise, power-line hum... The process is simple and very effective, even absolute beginners can accomplish this task.

Steps to remove background noise There are a couple of ways to import an audio file into Adobe Audition CC 2018. You can open the file directly from Premiere Pro (Edit > Edit in Adobe Audition). I will use File > Open from Audition CC. Note that you can separate audio file before importing or to import video format without separating audio from the video what will be done automatically by Adobe Audition CC 2018. However, you can export only audio file, video can be previewed and used as a reference. Here are the steps:
Run Adobe Audition CC 2018.Go to File > Open then navigate to file (.mp4, .wav ...) an…

New Adobe Blog With Personalized Content

Adobe blog is currently one of the best resources for creatives and Adobe user. Content is full of creative ideas and in-depth tutorials for designers, photographers, marketers, researchers... Adobe blogs also offer a personalized experience. You can set preferences for topics and products and also save articles to read later.
How to set preferences for personalized content Here are simple steps to set preferences for personalized content on Adobe blogs:
Visit Adobe Blog and sign in using Adobe ID.Click in the top right corner to expand the drop-down list and choose Settings. Under the Following section choose topics, sub-topics, and product you are interested in. That's it. You can use For You menu to access personalized content and recently saved articles.
How to save and access saved articles It is also easy to save articles to read them later. Just click on keep icon while browsing or reading the article.
To access saved articles click on For You menu to see last 2 recently save…

Free Strip Collage From Single Image Photoshop Action

Today I have to share Photoshop action which is creating a stripped collage from a single input image. Action will cut out 29 stripes on separate layers. You can play around with stripes: to hide some of them, to change layer style, to play action which will group stripes in layer group so it is easy to move them in some other document and so on.

The license is free for personal and commercial projects as and everything else listed in freebies section and on my site Photoshop Plus > Free.

What is included in the package Package contains Photoshop actions and PDF help file with detailed instructions.

Buy full version If you like action please visit my store and buy full version with 13 different strip collages for $4.

New Adobe Exchange Is Live (Video)

As previously announced new Adobe Exchange is live starting with March 5th, 2018. I have already covered advantages of the upgrade for producers and users and how to update listing on Adobe Exchange. In this tutorial, I will introduce to you most important sections and features of Adobe Exchange and how to access them from the user perspective.

Video tutorial Here is my video recording which will guide you through Creative Cloud Exchange on Adobe Exchange site.
Transcript Hi guys, in this quick tip I will guide you how to access and use Creative Cloud Exchange. 
To access Creative Cloud Exchange or former Adobe Add-ons visit Adobe Exchange site and click on Creative Cloud or Creative Cloud Exchange link. 
At the top, you will see featured products. The next section is search field with sorting list on the right side. You can sort by Most recent, Title (A to Z), Price and so on ... 
On the left side, you can display products only for a specific application like Photoshop, Illustrator,…

How to Insert and Update Raster and Vector Assets in Adobe Xd CC From CC Libraries Panel

Creative Cloud Libraries are introduced on August 22, 2017, update for Experience Design CC. There are a couple of updates since then. At the present time, February 2018, users can insert raster and vector graphics from CC Libraries into Xd CC prototype. Another very cool and important feature is that raster (Photoshop) and vector (Illustrator) graphics can be edited and updated through Libraries panel.

How to insert raster and vector graphics The process of inserting raster (pixel-based) and vector assets from CC Libraries panel is easy and simple:
Display CC Libraries panel from Hamburger menu > Open CC Libraries (Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + L\).Use drop-down in the top left corner to choose library with assets which you want to insert.Click on image/graphic and drag it where you want to insert/place asset.Scale inserted image/graphic using corner handles.
Note: do not touch link icon in the top left corner because that will unlink inserted asset with its parent in the library and you won&#…