Free Starter Designs for Adobe Muse

Free Starter Designs for Adobe Muse

Great news for those who are looking for starter designs for Adobe Muse. You can download starter designs from Adobe Muse site. Designs are free, responsive and easy to customize.

How to get Adobe Muse starter designs for free

To instantly download Adobe Muse starter designs visit Adobe Muse > Tutorials and scroll down to section Starter Designs.
Starter Designs section
To see available free Starter designs scroll down to Starter Designs section.

Click on Preview button at the bottom right corner of template thumb to preview and test design. To instantly download template without any further question or requirement just click on Download button and save the template.
Preview and Download buttons for Starter Designs
Preview and Download buttons for Starter designs.

You can watch tutorial while previewing template. Click on the Play button in a pop-up which will be expanded on page load.
Watch video with instructions how to customize starter design
While previewing design you can watch video instructions how to customize Starter design for your own purpose. Click on the Play button in Adobe Muse CC Starter Help pop-up to watch video on the same page.

How to open and customize starter design template

You can double click on downloaded file what will launch Adobe Muse and open template/site.

Another way to open starter template from Muse is from File > Open Site > navigate to .muse file (exposure_2017.muse for example).

Immediately after loading site, Muse will display an error message that document contains a link to an asset that is missing.
Error message that assets are missing in Adobe Muse
After opening any of starter designs in Muse you will see an error message that a link to an asset is missing.

You can download missing assets while previewing design. Scroll down and find DOWNLOAD [DESIGN NAME] ASSETS HERE. Click to download assets that are missing.
Download link at the bottom of design to download missing assets
While previewing starter design scroll down and download assets which will be reported in Muse as missing while opening site.

In Plan view double-click on the page thumb to open it in Design view and start customizing the design with your own images, text, code for Google map and so on...
Double click on page thumb in Plan view in Adobe Muse to open page in Design mode
After opening Starter design in Muse double-click on page thumb to open it in Design view so you can customize design for your own purpose.

For more info and tutorials please visit Adobe Muse > Tutorials.

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Muse CC 2018.0 Release



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