How to Embed Video in PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

How to Embed Video in PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Embedding video in PDF file is quick and easy process when using Acrobat Pro DC for that task. What you need is prepared PDF document, video file, and Acrobat DC. In this quick video tip, I will explain to you process how to embed video file and save changes.

Video tutorial

Here is step by step tutorial to embed already prepared video in PDF document. If you have any question, doubt or difficulties, please do not hesitate to leave comments.


In this tutorial, I will explain to you how you can add or embed a video file in your PDF document using Adobe Acrobat DC.

Here I have a help file for one of my products and I decided to embed video instructions instead of writing manual step-by-step instructions.

So, I have set everything in advance, all pages besides video which should be played on this page.

To embed video go to Tools and then click on Rich Media icon and you will see some tools here. To add video click on add video icon and then simply drag and draw a rectangle. Here you can type URL or you can click on the Browse button. Navigate to video and double click on it and you will see the path of your video. Check Snap to content proportions and check also Show Advanced Options and here you have some settings which you can set manually. When to enable video: when content is clicked or when to disable. Then you have Playback Style. You can play your video here on the page or you can play that video in floating window. If you use this second option you will have options to set width and height of the container in which will be played video. I will type 640 by 360. My video is 1,300 by a seven hundred and something pixels and this is something like half of that dimensions. You can change that later.

Appearance, you can choose to have a border or no border. Then you have Poster Image that's in essence cover image, and I will check retrieve poster from media and for controls, video controls, you can go to Controls tab and you have several options which control to be shown to the user. So I'm done with this dialog and I will click OK.

In a second we will see the video, actually poster or cover of my video here on the page. If you don't like position or size of this poster you can use Select Object tool and move this poster around or enlarge it so people can better see what's going on.

Now I want to test what I have done and how this video will play when the user clicks on this thumbnail. Everything works fine but I would like to have this floating window larger and video larger. So, I showed you how you can change dimensions of this poster. If you want to play video on the page then you have already done your job but if you are playing video in floating window then right click and go to Properties. Here I have again width and height fields where I can change dimensions of this content (content in floating window) because that's what I set how to play video. I will change to 800 and I'm okay with 360 or I think I'm okay. I will click OK and let's test this.

Well, this I don't like because when you set dimensions, Acrobat will force to fit video inside that dimensions. I have space around video and in essence, I didn't change dimensions of video which will be played I just have enlarged container. To fix this I will visit one more time Properties and I will type here 420 pixels for the height of this container.

Let's see now how things work. Now video fits nicely inside this floating window and my video is larger. That's what I want. I think this is a good size for users to watch this video and I will close this floating window and save my file. You can use save or save as and you are done.

So, that's how you can add video content to your PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Add audio, video, and interactive objects to PDFs


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