What's New in Filter Forge 7

What's New in Filter Forge 7

Filter Forge is probably the best Photoshop plugin. Using Filter Forge you can adjust the photo, convert photo to realistic painting, quickly create seamlessly tiling pattern, to add border/frame to the image or even to create your own filter. The newest version is faster, smarter and less dependent on hosting application. Starting with version 7 users can quickly and easily stack multiple filters, there is a new approach to channels, new Export dialog, many filters will see a boost in rendering speed and more...

New features

Before we start with new features I want to mention for those who are unfamiliar with Filter Forge that all filters can be adjusted and modified. Filter Forge filters are resolution independent and many filters can be seamlessly tiled. Another cool feature for 3D artists is that filters can automatically generate normal, diffuse, specular, and bump maps.

Version 7 of Filter Forge is introducing six new features. There are improvements for everyone: for those who like speed, independence of hosting application, those who like to experiment and create their own filters and for 3D artists.

Copy/Paste in Filter Forge 7
Copy/Paste is a new command in Filter Forge. One of the benefits is that you can stack multiple filters/effects. Starting with version 7 users can copy rendered effect and then paste it as input image after switching to different filter what is demonstrated above.

Here is a list of new features introduced in Filter Forge 7:

  • New Sample Cache Architecture speeds up rendering of many filters.
  • Instant Component Search for those who like to use filter editor to work with existing or create their own filter.
  • Mappable Lists and Sliders gives more flexibility to filter authors.
  • Copy/Paste commands which allow you to copy rendered image to the clipboard for use in any program. Another benefit is to use rendered image as input image with some other filter. In other words, you can now apply (stack) several filters in the same window without saving work and reopening it in Filter Forge. Here is a link to YouTube video which will explain to you when and how to get most of Copy and Paste commands.
  • New Approach to Channels. Channels is the new name for Render Maps. New Channel selector allows you to preview all active channels during the rendering process.
  • Easy Export. New Export dialog (File > Export) allows you to export multiple render channels at once. Each image can be exported in desired file format with its own settings. The great thing is that all channels are rendered simultaneously with the final image what is a time saver.
Export dialog in Filter Forge 7
New Export dialog allows users to export multiple channels in multiple file formats with its own settings.

Is it worth buying/upgrading

It is one of the best investments that I can recommend to web/print designers, digital artists, and photographers... The newest version is probably best upgrade since version 2 when I start using this guy. Filter Forge 7 will speed up your workflow and make you smile regardless of what is your task. It is faster, easier and more convenient to experiment with filters, adjust the photo, create a pattern, modify existing filter, apply multiple filters to the single photo, create your own filter or export pattern to use in some 3D application.

Editions and pricing 

Filter Forge offers several editions with different capabilities and different pricing. Choose edition which is most suitable for you.

Basic Edition $37. With this edition, you cannot create your own filters but you can use any of 12.000 filters available from online filter gallery.

Standard Edition $62. This edition offers most of the Filter Forge features and capabilities besides 16 and 32-bit modes. Standard edition also does not allows you to use large formats and it cannot create bump/normal maps.

Professional Edition $99. Fully featured edition with the ability to create images up to 65.000 x 65.000 pixels, normal/bump maps, your own filters and more...

Professional Plus $328. This is a professional edition with lifetime upgrade to all feature Filter Forge versions.

Professional Edition by Subscription $28. This is a quarterly subscription to the professional edition with free upgrades.

System requirements for Filter Forge 7


  • 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Core 2 Duo or better CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1 GB free disk space


  • Mac OS X 10.8 and newer
  • Multi-core Intel CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1 GB free disk space

Supported host applications for Filter Forge 7


  • Adobe Photoshop CC, CC 2014-2015, CC 2015.5, CC 2017 and CC 2018
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 12-15, 2018
  • Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5, X6, X7, X8 and 2017
  • Corel Paint Shop Pro X6, X7, X8, X9 and 2018
  • Serif PhotoPlus X5, X6, X7, X8
  • Paint.NET
  • Affinity Photo 1.5

Mac OS X

Adobe Photoshop CC, CC 2014-2015, CC 2015.5, CC 2017 and CC 2018

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Product used in this tutorial:
Filter Forge 7


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