Adobe Add-ons is Evolving to Adobe Exchange

Adobe Add-ons is Evolving to Adobe Exchange

Adobe Add-ons is constantly evolving to meet user needs and to provide the best user experience on the market. The next major upgrade will be on March 5th, 2018 when Adobe Add-ons will be upgraded to Adobe Exchange. The site is being completely rebuilt both the partner portal and the user website to provide users and partners a better experience, better SEO optimization, and better showcase options. Another purpose of the new website is to merge Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Experience Cloud under one umbrella that will make things easier and more convenient for all Adobe partners and customers.

In this post, I will give you quick intro into what is coming and what will be improved for Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Experience Cloud customers and partners.

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What's new for the users (customers) and partners (contributors)

There will be lots of improvements for customers and partners on new Adobe Exchange. Let me mention important dates: 13th October 2017 is public launch for customers while partners should update apps and listing starting with October 6th, 2017 through October 13th. Below you can read about most important benefits from a customer and partner position.

Improvements for customers

From customer position, there will be all third-party solutions for Adobe products on a single site. Time saver! New, redesigned site with alternate install options, larger previews and video instructions on a single page.

Improvements for partners

Partners will get more space and options to present their solutions:

  • App icon which should be 512x512px 
  • Up to 10 large image previews and videos per product. Image previews must be: min 1280 x 720px, max 2560 x 1440px saved in PNG or JPG file format

Another huge change is better SEO optimization which will allow users to find a solution through search engines.

What is deprecated

New Adobe Exchange will no longer support apps for CS6 or earlier versions although partners are allowed to update the app for compatibility with products released in 2013 and later. Partners are also allowed to add a note in description section that product is compatible with Creative Suite applications.

Another deprecated option is private sharing which will be available at launch but valid only through Q1, 2018, keep that in mind.

GET READY! A new Adobe Exchange is coming soon!


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