How Many Layers in This Photoshop Document?

How Many Layers in This Photoshop Document

Have you ever wondered how many layers you have used to achieve some effect/composition? Or how many layers someone else has used in the composition that you have received or downloaded. It is a tedious task to start counting layers, especially when there are tons of them.

Wouldn't be nice to ask Photoshop and to get an immediate answer? It is actually quite easy and you can have displayed a number of layers for each and every document in front of you.

How to see number of layers in Photoshop document

To see a number of layers you must have Window > Info panel displayed. Click on panel menu (hamburger icon in the top right corner) and choose: Panel Options...
Info Panel Options in Photoshop

In the Info Panel Options dialog click on the left side of Layer Count to appear checkmark then click on OK button in the top right corner.
Layer Count in the Info Panel Options dialog

Voila! You will see in the Info panel displayed: xx Layer(s) and optionally xx Group(s) if there is any group.
Number of layers in photoshop document displayed in the Info panel

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

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