Cropping Images in Illustrator CC 2017 (and Later)

Cropping Images in Illustrator CC 2017

Starting with April 2017 update for Illustrator CC 2017 we have the ability to crop linked and embedded images.

How to crop an image in Illustrator CC 2017

Before we proceed I want to mention a couple of things to bear in mind:

  • You can not recover cropped portion which will be permanently discarded (you can still use Undo, of course).
  • When working with linked images Illustrator will prompt you to embed image after cropping it so linked file will remain unaffected with crop done in Illustrator.

Steps to crop an image

Typically you will use File > Place command to place an image in Illustrator document. Everything works exactly the same if you drag the image into Illustrator document or when placing images from Libraries panel.

  1. Select the image using Selection tool (V) then use one of the following options which work only with one image selected:
    • Right click and choose: Crop Image
    • Click on Crop Image button in the Control panel
    • Go to Object > Crop Image
    crop image
  2. Resize crop box using widget corner and edge handles. Hold Shift to constrain proportions while adjusting crop area. Hold down Alt/Opt key to resize crop area from the center. You can also use a combination of Shift + Alt/Opt keys to resize from the center and to constrain proportions (maintain aspect ratio).
    Adjust crop area in Illustrator CC 2017 or later
  3. Move crop area anywhere you want: left-click inside crop area and drag.
  4. To confirm crop click on Apply button in the Control panel or press Enter/Return on your keyboard.
  5. Apply crop in Illustrator

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Illustrator CC 2017


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