Layers Panel and More in Adobe Experience Design CC (Beta) for Windows

Layers Panel in Adobe Experience Design CC (Beta) for Windows

Starting with May 2017 update, Experience Design CC (Beta) is offering a couple of new features for Windows 10 users:

  • Layers
  • Export as PDF
  • Update link for shared prototypes
  • Support for French and German (Windows 10)
  • Copy/paste from File Explorer
  • Copy/paste with interactions

How to Access the Layers Panel in Adobe Xd

There are two (2) ways to access or open the Layers Panel in Adobe Xd:

  • Keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Y)
  • Click the Layers icon in lower left corner

At this moment, as I am writing this post it is possible to rename, lock, hide, duplicate layers and groups but not to move them around to change Z-order. There is a promise for this feature to be available very soon.
How to access the Layers Panel in Adobe Experience Design CC

Export as PDF

One of the new features is PDF export along with existing SVG and PNG export options. To export as PDF go to Menu > Export > Format: PDF.

A faster way is to press: Ctrl + E keyboard shortcut to see Export Assets dialog.
How to Export as PDF from Adobe Experience Design CC

Update shared prototypes

In this release, Adobe Xd is covering very important feature to update already shared prototype instead of creating a new link.

Copy/Paste to import from File Explorer

Starting with this release (v. 0.6.28) you can copy and paste assets straightly from File Explorer. For now, it works with: JPG, SVG, PNG and GIF file types.

If you want to import or copy/paste assets from Illustrator or Photoshop here is how: Import and Paste Assets in Adobe Xd from Illustrator and Photoshop.

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Experience Design CC (Beta)

What’s new in Adobe XD


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