The Fastest Way to Add Guides in Illustrator

The Fastest Way to Add Guides in Illustrator

Design grids and guides are essential tools for every designer. Grids and guides can help you to draw and align objects in your design. Adding guides and grids in Illustrator is simple and easy. In this quick tip, I will explain to you the fastest way to add guide(s) and to precisely position them as needed.

Quick add guide(s) in Illustrator

Let me first mention a couple of ways to add a guide in Illustrator:

  • Display Ruler (View > Ruler or Ctrl/Cmd + R) then click on it with pointer and drag the vertical or horizontal guide.
  • Add guide in Illustrator by dragging it from Ruler
  • Draw shape. With the shape selected go to View > Guides > Make Guides.

The fastest way

The fastest and easiest way that I know is to double-click with the pointer on horizontal or vertical Ruler.

After quickly adding guide you may want to position it precisely and here is how:

  • Select guide using Selection tool the click on Transform link in the Control panel. Alternatively, you can display it from Window > Transform
  • Use text fields next to X: or Y: axis to precisely position guide.

Quick add guide in Illustrator and position it

Note: there are two kinds of rulers: document and artboard rulers. You can select only one of these rulers from View > Rulers > Change to Global/Artboard Rulers.

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Illustrator CC 2017

Rulers, grids, and guides


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