How to Manually Install Extension in Brackets Using URL or ZIP File

How to Manually Install Extension in Brackets Using URL or ZIP File

Brackets is open source text editor developed by Adobe. It is an excellent free tool for web designers and front-end developers. You can learn more and get it for free from Brackets official page.

Extensions for Brackets

Not surprisingly, Brackets has lots of useful extensions like: W3C Validation , Brackets Link File, Bracket Tree Icons, Git, Autoprefixer and so on...

Install extension

The easiest way to install an extension is from File > Extension Manager. However, sometimes you may see the error message: Installation failed as in my case with accessability extension.
Installation failed in Brackets

There is built in solution for this problem at the bottom of Extension Manager: Drag .zip here or Install from URL...
Drag zip file o use URL in Brackets

Use ZIP file or paste URL to install extension

To install extension using ZIP package you should visit Brackets Extension Registry. Click on extension name and save .zip file
Click on extension name and save zip file

Drag downloaded file into the specified bottom left box in Extension Manager.
Drag zip file to install extension in Brackets

Another way is using URL. Click on More Info... link below extension name to open GitHub page/repository with that extension. Copy URL of the page/repository.
More info link on Brackets extensions registry page

Click on Install from URL... in Extension Manager and lastly paste web address. Click on Install button and wait a couple of seconds.
Install from url in Brackets

Product used in this tutorial:
Brackets 1.9


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