How to Export to JPEG or PNG Format from Adobe InDesign (Video)

How to Export to JPEG or PNG Format from Adobe InDesign

In this quick tip I will explain to you how to export to JPEG or PNG file format from Adobe InDesign. You can export all pages from active document, the range of pages, single page or selected object. There is also an option to export facing pages or Spreads.

Video tutorial

Here is my video tutorial with all steps and a few tips on how to export to JPEG or PNG from InDesign. If you prefer written instructions please scroll down.

Written tutorial: How to Export to JPEG or PNG Format from Adobe InDesign

Usually saving options lives in the File menu. That's the case and with InDesign. Before expanding File menu it is useful to open Pages panel and to remember or to write down numbers or letters associated with pages that you want to export. I am talking about page number below thumbnail preview in Pages panel or about Page Numbering in Numbering and Section Options dialog. 
Numbering and section options in InDesign

You can also expand Pages panel to see your pages and their numbering options. This is useful when you want to export only some pages from your document.

To export to JPEG or PNG go to File menu and choose: Export command which offers drop down menu with JPEG and PNG file formats. On Windows, that's Save as Type while on Mac that will be Format drop-down list.
Save as Type drop down list

After choosing format click on Save button and the Export dialog will appear on your screen.

Export section

In the Export JPEG/PNG dialog you will see several options in the Export section near the top of the dialog:

The very first option is Selection which is active only if some object was selected before evoking Export command.

Another option is Range to choose a range of pages and here is how to specify a range of pages or a single page to export: 

  • To export a range of pages separate numbers using a hyphen. For example: to export pages 1 to 4 just type number 1 followed by a hyphen followed by number 4.
  • Range of pages to export from InDesign
  • To export multiple pages which are not numbered in sequence use comma as a separator. For example: to export pages: 1, 2 and 4, type number 1 followed by a comma followed by number 2 followed by a comma and number 4. 
  • Export range of pages which are not in sequence numbering order
  • To export single page type number (or letter) associated with that page in Pages panel.
  • Export single page from InDesign
  • To export all pages from the document simply choose All with Pages selected.
  • There is also an option to check Spreads and to export all or range of Spreads or facing pages.

Image section

In the Image section, you can choose Quality, Resolution in pixels per inch and Color Space from respective drop-down lists.

Options section

In the Options section, you can choose: 
  • To export PNG file with Transparent Background
  • To use Anti-aliasing which will smooth jagged edges on image file placed or linked in InDesign document.
  • Use Document Bleed Settings can be useful in case you have set-up document bleed.
  • The last option is to Simulate Overprint which is similar to Overprint Preview feature.

Lastly, click on Export button and InDesign will export file or files.

Export selected object as JPEG/PNG

To export any selected object like image or text frame you will need to click on an object or multiple objects while holding Ctrl or Command key to select multiple objects. After making selection go to File > Export command and the rest of process is the same as when exporting pages or spreads. The only difference is that you must check Selection in Export section in Export JPEG/PNG dialog.
Export selected object as JPEG or PNG from InDesign

Extract images from Indesign document

The last thing that I want to mention is the ability to extract all images from the document. For this task use File > Export > then choose HTML from Save as Type/Format drop-down list.
Export as HTML from InDesign

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe InDesign CC 2017

Export to JPEG format


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