How to Use Arrowhead Scale Control in InDesign CC 2017

How to Use Arrowhead Scale Control in InDesign CC 2017

Starting with November 2, 2016, update for InDesign CC  we have the ability to scale start and end of arrowhead independently of line or line stroke. In this quick tip, I will explain to you how to use available options to scale start or end of the arrowhead.

Using and scaling arrowheads

Usually, we are starting with the Line Tool to draw line segment although you can use and Pen or Pencil Tool, for example, to accomplish the same task. After drawing line segment go to Window > Stroke to display Stroke panel.

Stroke panel offers lots of options to customize stroke like: Weight, Type and to add arrowheads at start or end of stroke.

To add arrowhead at start or end of stroke use drop-down lists next to Start/End.
Add arrowheads in InDesign

After adding arrowheads you can further customize actually scale them independently of each other and independently of the scale of stroke itself.
Scale arrowhead

If you want to scale start and end arrowhead with the same percentage then click on the broken chain icon to link or unlink scaling percentages. The next step is to type scaling percentage in either left or right text field next to Scale:.
Scale linked start and end arrowhead

To unlink scaling percentages for start and end arrowheads simply click on the chain icon to become broken chain icon and scale start and end arrowheads independently.
Unlink scaling percentages

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe InDesign CC 2017

Adobe InDesign CC New Features


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