How to Quick Compare Original Image With Tracing Result in Illustrator

How to Quick Compare Original Image With Tracing Result in Illustrator

When using trace image feature in Illustrator it is useful sometimes to compare tracing result with the original photo, drawing, sketch or whatever else you have. There isn't built in compare command but you can quickly compare tracing result and original using eyeball icon in the Image Trace panel.

Steps to quick compare tracing result with source image in Illustrator

Trace image
I will quickly pass through one of the possible scenarios to trace image:

  • Open or place source image, scanned sketch or drawing.
  • With source image selected click on Image Trace in the Control panel (row with options just below menus).
  • Image Trace in Illustrator

  • After Illustrator trace source image usually, we are displaying Image Trace Panel to refine trace result. To display image trace panel click on Image Trace Panel icon in the Control panel.

  • Open Image Trace Panel in Illustrator

  • After using available options like Threshold, Paths, Corners... you may ask yourself: how close is tracing result to original sketch or drawing? You have a couple of options from the View drop-down list to choose: Tracing Result, Tracing Result with Outlines, Outlines, Outlines with Source Image and Source Image. Some of the options can help you to see quality and precision of tracing result but none of them will allow you to quickly compare source image then tracing result alone. That's why we have eyeball icon on the right side of View drop-down list.

  • View options in Image Trace Panel in Illustrator

Preview source/tracing result
To quick preview original image (assuming that Tracing Result from View drop-down is active) then tracing result do the following:

  • Click on eyeball icon and hold what will show you source image.
  • Click on eyeball to preview source image
  • Release left mouse button and that will display again tracing result.
  • Release eyeball to preview tracing result

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Illustrator CC 2017

Auto-tracing and resolution


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