Working With Guides in Adobe Muse

Working With Guides in Adobe Muse

In this post, I will give you tips and hints to work with guides in Adobe Muse. Guides are one of the most important aspects when visually building websites in Muse. Using guides you can easily align content and ensure that content is properly aligned across multiple pages as needed.

Creating and managing guides in Muse

Most essential and usually first group of guides to deal with are 5 guides on the master page. Use those guides to adjust:

  1. Top of Page - adjust padding above page
  2. Header area
  3. Footer area (everything between Header and Footer is main content on the page)
  4. Bottom of Page
  5. Bottom of Browser

To adjust the position of those guides navigate mouse over the triangle on the side, click and drag.
Guides on master page in Muse

Place guides

Placing guides is easy: click on Ruler (View > Show Rulers or Ctrl/Cmd + R) and drag. After releasing mouse button you will have a guide on your screen.

Place guide by clicking and dragging from the ruler

Reposition guide

If the guide is not where it is supposed to be, do not worry, simply click on the guide and drag to reposition it. To move guide with 5px increments just hold down the Shift key while dragging the guide.
move guide by dragging it

Select multiple guides

To select multiple guides use the Shift key to add to the selection.

Note: you can marque over guides to select them but only when the actual content is not present in that area, otherwise only content will be selected.

Position guides using Control panel

To precisely position guide numerically use Control panel: select guide then type a number of pixels in Y text field for horizontal guides or in X text field for vertical guides.
Position guide in Muse using control panel

Move(reposition) group of guides

To move multiple or group of guides use the same technique: select guides then drag to move or reposition them.

Lock guide(s)

To lock guide, mouse over guide then right click on the guide and choose: Lock or Lock Guides (View > Lock Guides or Ctrl/Cmd + Alt/Opt + ;). That will ensure to not accidentally move guide while selecting and moving content around.

Unlock guide(s)

To unlock guides uncheck the same command View > Lock Guides used to lock them or use keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + Alt/Opt + [;].

Delete guide(s)

To delete guide select it then press Delete or right-click and choose: Cut. To delete all guides right click on a guide and choose: Clear Guides (View > Clear Guides). Another way to delete guides to drag it outside of canvas or work area, just like in Photoshop.

Move content using guide

To move content which is below any guide do the following:

  • Click on guide to select it. Use Selection Tool (V) or press Ctrl/Cmd key to temporary switch to Selection Tool.
  • Navigate mouse over Vertical Move Handle which is on the side. When you hover over double sided triangles, pop up message with additional explanation will appear. To move guide and content below just click and drag.

drag vertical move handle for a guide to move content below

Smart guides

To turn on smart guides go to View > Smart Guides. When working with guides in Muse there will be helpful feedback like the distance between two objects which can help you.
When turned on, Smart guides will provide helpful feedback while moving guide

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Muse CC 2017

Using guides and rulers in Adobe Muse


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