Send Files Through Email Directly From Adobe Acrobat DC

Sending PDF as attachment using Gmail

In this tip, I will provide you step by step instructions how to send or attach PDF files to email message directly from Adobe Acrobat DC. There are two convenient options: to use Outlook (as a default email client) or to use webmail services like Gmail, live mail or yahoo. Beside that you will get a job done there is and benefit of saving a couple of clicks and smile which appears whenever an application is automatically doing the job for us.

Why and how to send files as attachments

The first thing first. We all need to send files to our family members, collaborators or clients. Just to mention that there are powerful send and track option in Acrobat DC. However, sometimes we just want a simple and traditional way to send PDF files as an attachment.

Most of the time you will want to check or to create your PDF file before sending it. Adobe Acrobat is the best place for this job. The next step is to run email client or to open browser and webmail client. Then you will need to create a new email message and so on. Acrobat DC can do more than a half of job done, your job is to type recipients and body message as needed.

Creating PDF files using Acrobat
You can always create PDF files on the fly and to proceed with sending options as described below. Run Acrobat DC then go to File > Open > navigate to PDF or any other supported file type.

When creating PDF's on the fly just ensure that you have chosen All Files from the file type drop-down list.
Choose All Files from File type drop down list

Another way of creating PDF files is to use File > Create > PDF from File.

Steps to send files as attachment

After checking or creating PDF file you have 3 easy steps remaining:

  1. Go to File > Send File > Attach to Email...
  2. Attach to Email menu item in Adobe Acrobat DC

  3. In Send Email dialog you can choose to Send Using Default email application or to Use webmail with some of the accounts like Gmail, live mail or yahoo. Lastly, click Continue button.

  4. Send email dialog in Adobe Acrobat DC

  5. Your default browser like Google Chrome or Firefox will open and you can type the name of recipients and your message and to send an email.

  6. Send attachment using Gmail

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Acrobat DC 2015

Send and track files online


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