Filter Forge 6 Is Available and Faster Than Ever

Filter Forge 6 is Out and Faster Than Ever

The best individual Photoshop plugin has a major update which solves the biggest problem for many users: speed. Starting with version 6, Filter Forge is fully 64-bit compatible what means that speed of rendering filters is improved.

What's new and improved

Before we even start with a most desired feature I want to give you my opinion that for many filters users have no rights to complain about speed. Speed was ok and with the newest version it is almost amazing.

Faster than ever

The biggest improvement is a most desired feature: speed of rendering filters. Older versions were able to access only 1,5 GB of memory while new version 6 can use more than 4GB of RAM. Another thing to bear in mind is that Filter Forge can process larger images of what it was capable with 32-bit support only.
Filter Forge memory usage

From my testing and experience, I can confirm that Filter Forge is much, much faster in rendering. It is rendering some filters extremely fast while very complex filters and large images will be rendered in the acceptable amount of time.

Re-arrange user presets

Another change worth mention is the ability to rearrange custom presets. It is simple, useful and easy: just drag and drop any preset that you have created and saved in Presets tab.
Re-arrange presets in Filter Forge

Is it worth to buy/upgrade

Finally, many of you will have a question: is it worth? Yes, it is for those who are running 64-bit computers and those who are looking for helper in design and photography everyday tasks. Just a quick reminder that Filter Forge is all in one plugin which can help you to quickly generate patterns backgrounds, design elements, to process images, to convert images to paintings and so on and so on.

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Product used in this tutorial:
Filter Forge 6


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