Export for Screens in Illustrator CC 2015.3

Export for Screens in Illustrator CC 2015.3

One of the new features in the latest release (June 2016) of Adobe Illustrator is Fast Export or Export for Screens command which is available from File menu. This new feature or command will be mostly useful for screen designers.

What's so cool with Export for Screens

The ability to export artboards is not completely new but a new way of doing things is quite amazing. To use the advantage of new command you should go to File > Export > Export for Screens.

Artboards tab

When Export from Screens dialog appears you will see 2 tabs: Artboards and Assets. On the Artboards tab you can choose display mode at the left bottom of the dialog: Large or Small thumbnail view what depends on the number of artboards that you have.
Export for Screens small thumbnail view

At the top right corner, you can choose which artboards to export including Full Document.
choose which artboards to export

To add/remove artboard from exporting you can use checkmarks at the bottom left a corner of each artboard thumbnail.
Check or uncheck artboard to export

Location for exported files can be managed in Export to: section.
Export to

The next option is to choose whether you want to see export location after Illustrator does its job. In other words to open the folder with exported files in explorer or finder.
Open location after export

In the formats section, you can click on iOS or Android to have automatically populated scale section at the bottom or you can manually add scale factors by clicking on + Add Scale button.
Android device presets

To change file format you can use the drop down on the right side of the scale factor or to click on the gear icon and to open Format Settings dialog where you have advanced export options. Available formats: PNG (PNG-8, PNG-24), JPEG (JPEG 100%, JPEG 85%, JPEG 50%, JPEG 25%), SVG, PDF.
Format settings

Lastly, you can use Prefix: text field to type text which you want to appear at the front of the file name.

When you finish with settings just click on Export Artboard button and you are done.
Export artboard button

Assets tab

In the Assets tab, you can do pretty much the same thing with assets which you can collect using Asset Export panel (Window > Asset Export) which can be opened by clicking on the Asset Export Panel button in the Assets tab.
Assets tab
Export asset

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3

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