How To Filter by File Type in Adobe Bridge

How To Filter By File Type in Adobe Bridge

Among many other useful options and filters in Adobe Bridge there is and option to filter files by file type. This can be extremely useful filter especially in folders with many different types of files like: JPG, PSD, TIFF, AI and so on. In a second you can have displayed only files which are saved with the certain file type (s).

How to filter by file type

There are only three easy steps (assuming that Bridge is running):
  1. Navigate to the folder with files that you are looking for or use: Show Items from Subfolders to see all files inside the top level folder.
  2. Ensure that you have Filter panel (Window > Filter Panel) displayed and File Type checked (click on the panel menu to see options).
  3. File Type
  4. Click on file type in the Filter panel for which you want to filter displayed result. You can filter for more than one file type, filters are additive and you must uncheck them manually (click one more time on the file type) to turn off the filter for that file type.
  5. Click to filter for file type

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Bridge CC


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