Adding Keywords Using Painter in Lightroom CC

Adding Keywords Using Painter in Lightroom CC
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In this quick tip, I will explain to you how to add keywords to your photos using Painter in Lightroom CC. Painter is tool or spray can at the bottom when you are in Grid View (G) or in other words in Library module > Grid View.

How to activate Painter and to paint keywords

As already mentioned, you should press letter G on your keyboard to go to Library > Grid View if you are not already there. If you do not see a spray can just above photo thumbnails or Filmstrip (F6) then click on the triangle which is on the right side and select Painter. Click on the spray can icon to activate the tool.
activate painter

From the Paint: drop down list select Keywords.
choose what to paint

Type your keyword in the text field which is on the right side of eyedropper icon (Enter keywords here). You can type more than one keyword separated by commas.
type keywords

Use keyword sets

Instead of typing keywords you can choose from keyword sets your keyword(s). When Painter is active you must press Shift on your keyword and pop-up dialog with keyword grid and Keyword Set: drop down list will appear.

To choose keyword you just need to click on it with eyedropper which has plus sign (+) below). To remove chosen keyword you should navigate eyedropper icon above that keyword and when you see minus sign (-) below it just click once.
select keyword

To change keyword set click on the triangle next to: Keyword Set and choose set that you want to use. After activating some other keyword set you will see keywords from that set arranged in a grid so you can choose or activate them to be ready for Painter.
change keyword set

Add keyword(s) to your photos

To add a keyword(s) to photos in grid view you should navigate Painter or spray can icon above any photo and to click once.
paint keyword

Product used in this tutorial:
Photoshop Lightroom CC


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