Place Linked in Photoshop From Adobe Bridge Using Drag and Drop Method

Place Linked in Photoshop From Adobe Bridge Using Drag and Drop Method

In one of my previous tutorials, I have explained to you how to drag and drop to open or place the file in Photoshop. In this quick tip, I will explain to you how to place linked Smart Object layer instead of embedded. Why prefer linked instead of embedded? One of the reasons is because you can easily update it and the second reason is file size which can be significantly smaller.

Steps to place linked Smart Object layer from Adobe Bridge

The only thing to remember is to hold down Alt/Opt key while dragging a file from Adobe Bridge .
Hold down Alt/Opt while dragging

Dragged file will be placed as linked Smart Object layer what you can recognize by looking at SO thumb icon (in the Layers panel) which will have chain icon in the bottom right corner.
Linked Smart Object icon

Do not forget that you can use Layer Comps with layered PSD files! Select linked SO layer in the Layers panel (1) then open Window > Properties (2) and choose the name of layer comp from the drop-down list in the middle (3).
Choose layer comp

This tip does not work when dragging from Explorer, for example, but do not worry. Adobe Bridge is much more your friend of what you think in case you are not using it often. Read some of my tutorials or visit links in the reference section below and you will agree with my statement.

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Products used in this tutorial:
Adobe Bridge CC
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

Adobe Bridge - Adobe Support (PDF)
Learn & Support / Bridge Help


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