Package Command in Adobe Photoshop CC

Package Command in Adobe Photoshop CC

If you ever wonder if there is command or option in Photoshop which will automatically copy linked Smart Object layer so you can send it to collaborators or client, the answer is yes, that's File > Package command.

Package command in Photoshop CC 2014 and later release can help you when using Linked Smart Objects in Photoshop. Linked SO layers gives you greatest amount of flexibility, can help you to reduce file size but also to quickly update placed smart object when the source file is changed.

Why and how to use Package command in Photoshop

Let's first clear why to use Package command. Let's say you have a couple of linked Smart Object layers in Photoshop document (File > Place Linked). Linked means that file is referenced and what you see in your document is preview created from the source file, it is not source file itself which is still somewhere on your machine. You have done your work and you want to send it to someone but you want to include source file(s) for Linked Smart Object layers in your document. The solution is so simple: use Package command without wasting your time to find all linked SO layers to copy/paste them in a folder which you want to share/send to someone.

Package document with linked Smart Object layer(s)

So with one or more linked SO layers in your document go to File > Package then navigate to the location where you want to store your package.
package with linked so layer in file
To use Package command you must have linked Smart Object layer in your Layers panel and your PSD, PSB or TIFF (with layers) document must be saved, otherwise, this command will be dimmed out.

Photoshop will create a brand new folder named: your file name + Folder.
exported folder
When using Package command Photoshop will create brand new folder which will be named: your file name + Folder.

Links folder with copied original source files

Inside created folder (your file name + Folder) you will find your file and sub-folder: Links which contains duplicated (copied) source files which are placed in Photoshop as linked Smart Object layers.
links folder
Inside Links folder (Your File Name Folder > Links) you can find copied content of source file(s) which are placed as Linked Smart Object layers (File > Place Linked...).

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

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