Google Docs and Adobe InDesign

Google Docs and Adobe InDesign

Do you know that you can use Google Docs in Adobe InDesign? Not only that you can use free, web-based text editor which you can share with as many collaborators as you want but there are and some major benefits: updating existing Indesign document is painless and formating created and applied in InDesign won't change! I am talking about DocsFlow plugin for InDesign which is not free after 15 days but it is worth at least to know about it.

DocsFlow for InDesign

DocsFlow plugin is available for InDesign CS5-CC2015 for Mac and Windows users. Download and install plugin then restart InDesign if it is running. You will find new menu item: File > DocsFlow > Place from Google Docs...
file menu with docsflow

By the way, you will need to allow the plugin to access your Google account what assumes that you already have one created.
request for permission

One more, by the way, is that you can actually create new Google document from existing InDesign file! Select text frame then go to: File > DocsFlow > Export to Google Docs... If you have linked text frames then it will export multipage document. Isn't this fantastic?

In the File > DocsFlow > Place from Google Docs > Place Google Docs Documents dialog you can navigate to file that you want to place and to click Place button. The rest is easy: after seeing loaded cursor just click or Shift + click if you have the multipage document.
choose document to place

Here are some major benefits of using DocsFlow plugin:

  • Google Docs are absolutely free to create share and collaborate. It is web based service and there is no need for additional software installation. Anyone can access this service from any device at any time.
  • You can share the document with as many collaborators as you want and allow them to only view or to edit created document. 
  • Every change can be updated with InDesign formating kept even after updating the document.

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Indesign CC 2015

DocsFlow user guide


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