How to Package for Adobe Add-ons With CS6 Compatibility

How to Package for Adobe Add-ons With CS6 Compatibility

In this post, I will explain to you how to package content for Adobe Add-ons site and to ensure that your content will be delivered to CS6 users.

Submit files or folders with CS6 compatibility

I already have covered how easy is to submit files to new Adobe Add-ons site. You can upload any kind of files like Photoshop actions (.atn), PSD files, Ai files, PDF, ZIP and so on. The only problem with that upload will be that it can not be delivered to CS6 users for the following reason: non-ZXP content such as ZIP files will only install for CC users because Adobe Add-ons did not start to support non-ZXP content until the release of CC.

Now let's go to solution. You do not need any additional software and process are simple as it can be. Everything will be done on Adobe Add-ons site while you are sitting and watching. The only thing you need to know is where are your files on your machine to navigate to them and to select them for upload. Here are important steps.

Important steps for compatibility with CS6

I will skip steps which are not important for compatibility with CS6 line of product. You have that steps described in my post: Easy Way to Submit Product (Files) to Adobe Add-ons.

Create a new package (ZXP)

This is the important step in creating the new product. Scroll down to section 2 - Upload Product. Click on: Create a new package (ZXP) BETA and some additional options will appear.
Create a new package (ZXP) BETA

Upload files

If you have multiple files like: actions and PDF user guide then you probably have placed them in the folder. In that case, click on Choose Folder button, otherwise, you can use Choose File button. When the pop-up dialog appears type name for the folder then click on Browse button and navigate to files that you want to upload. Use Ctrl/Cmd or Shift buttons while selecting multiple files. Note: while I was writing this tutorial (18 February 2016), options that are mentioned are available when using Firefox browser. In Google Chrome you won't have exact same options as presented below on screenshot.
Upload files for the folder

Wait a couple of seconds or minutes for files to be uploaded.
Upload progress

Compatibility and installation

Once files are uploaded you can set product and compatibility options plus to specify where folder or files should be installed.On the screenshot below you can see that I have set Photoshop CS6 - CC 2015 as a maximum version (it is current version, you can leave blank if you are sure your add-on will be compatible with the next version ). For the platform, I have set both: Mac and Win. From the last drop-down on the right side, I choose: $usernamefolder/Desktop because I want a folder with my files to be installed on user Desktop.
Compatibility and installation

In case you are uploading single file by file then installation  location will be automatically set based on the file type: for example when uploading Photoshop actions on the far right you will see $actions set by default.

Installation instructions

Once you are done with settings for the uploaded files do not forget to write installation instructions. Mention to the user where to look for files or inform it that files will be installed in the default location and how to start using them.
Installation instructions


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