How to Edit Multiple Images in Adobe Camera Raw

How to Edit Multiple Images in Adobe Camera Raw

You can edit multiple images in a single Adobe Camera Raw window, don't you know? It is simple and easy with huge benefit that you do not have to switch between Bridge and ACR for each and every image. It is even better in case you are working with series of images because you can sync all or some settings inside ACR and keep working with local adjustments if you need them for some of the images. After adjusting images as you want them, there are several options: to open all of the images or some of them in Photoshop in separate tabs, to export all or some of the images or to confirm and apply camera raw settings and to return to Bridge.

Tips to edit multiple images in ACR

Here is video tutorial with, basically all important features that you want to know. There are three ways to edit and sync settings for multiple images which are explained in my tutorial. If you have any doubts please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

Poduct used in this tutorial:
Adobe Camera Raw 9.3.1

Creative Suite / Navigate, open, and save images in Camera Raw


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