Glyphs Panel in Photoshop CC 2015

Glyphs Panel in Photoshop CC 2015

Starting with June release of Photoshop CC 2015 we have Glyphs panel. Imagine that! We do not need to waste time anymore trying to insert special characters using keyboard shortcuts or to go to Character Map and from there to copy/paste character. Viva Glyphs panel, I cannot believe that we didn't have this feature before!

Why to use Glyphs panel

The very first question someone may have is: why to use Glyphs panel anyway? Well, you can insert subscript, superscript characters, fractions, currencies or characters from other languages, for example.

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How to display and use Glyphs panel in Photoshop

There are two ways to display Glyphs panel in Photoshop: from Window > Glyphs or from Type > Panels > Glyphs Panel.

Adjust Glyphs panel size and position

After displaying Glyphs panel, you can detach it and to move it anywhere on your screen. Another thing you can do is to scale or enlarge this panel horizontally and vertically.
scale glyphs panel

At the bottom of the Glyphs panel, you can scale characters size using two icons or Zoom Slider.
zoom slider

Use Glyphs panel

By default, you will see the current font in the Glyphs panel with its special characters. You can switch to any other font installed on your system (just do not select anything but keep insertion point inside text) and to use its special characters. With letter selected or insertion point inside text frame just double click any glyph and it will replace a current letter or insert particular glyph.
switch to other font and use its glyphs

Clear recent glyphs

At the top of the panel, you will see listed recently used glyphs. In case, you do not want to see them then simply use Clear Recent Glyphs option from the Glyphs panel menu.
clear recent glyphs

Glyphs organization

The Glyphs panel supports Latin, Greek and Cyrillic characters. There is also limited support for Hebrew, Arabic, and other complex scripts. Glyphs are organized into categories such as Numbers, Currencies, Symbols, Latin A, Latin B and so on. There is also an organization for Open Type features such as Alternates, Ornaments, Swash and so on. To see the only certain category you can use Set Font Category drop-down list.
set font category


If you see a small black square in the bottom right corner this means that character has alternates. To see and use the alternate character you should hold down Alt/Opt key and to click on a character with a small black square in the Glyphs panel.

Video tutorial

Here is video tutorial with quick overview of Glyphs panel.

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

Photoshop Help / New features summary
Photoshop Help / Glyphs panel


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