Free Watermark CC For Adobe Photoshop

Free Watermark CC For Adobe Photoshop

Watermarking images is very popular and required step for many photographers, artists, designers and site owners. In this post I will present you free panel for Photoshop CC - CC 2015. Using Watermark CC extension you can quickly and easily watermark your image(s) with text or logo (usually file with graphic). As you can guess there is an option to batch process entire folder with images.

How to get Watermark CC for free

You can install Watermark CC which is panel for Photoshop from Adobe Add-ons. Here is the link to install English version. If you want German version of the same panel then please visit this link.

Once you open the page from the link above, there are two more steps: log in with your Adobe ID and click on Free button.
install watermark cc

Creative Cloud desktop app will notify you that installation is finished and you must restart Photoshop if its running.

How to use Watermark CC

To get started open photo in Photoshop. To start using panel you must have it displayed. Go to Window > Extensions > Watermark CC. Start screen will give you 2 options: Add Watermark to Single Photo and Add Watermark to Multiple Photos.

If you want to add text watermark, then you have options to specify: Color, Size. Position and Opacity. Lastly, click on Add watermark button at the bottom and you are done. Note: image will be duplicated each and every time you click on Add watermark button.
text watermark

In the top right corner you will see gear icon. Click on it and specify offset in case you want your watermark to appear on side of the photo.

In my opinion, option to use logo what means to use file like: PSD or PNG is much more attractive. You will have options to Choose File which you want to use for the watermark, to specify Size, Position and Opacity.
use logo

Batch process

To add same watermark to multiple photos you must click on Add Watermark t Multiple Photos. You must specify a Source Folder which contains the images you want to process and Target Folder which is the folder where you want to store processed files. Options for watermark are the same as for a single photo with addition to specify file format at the bottom of the panel. Lastly, click on Run Batch button and wait a couple of seconds or minutes, depend on how many images you are processing.
batch process

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015


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