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Filter Forge 5 is Available Now

The new version of the best individual Photoshop and Photoshop Elements plugin is released. There are many new options and improvements in version 5. In this post I will highlight some of the new features for designers and photographers which are looking for the time saver with high quality results.

Why to consider using Filter ForgeLet me first explain you why you should consider buying Filter Forge. In essence this is all in one software/plugin which contains a library with more than 11.000 free filters. When I say filters that means: various photo adjustments, various special effects, creative effects like conversion to painting or sketch, various distortions, web backgrounds, numerous patterns and seamless tiling patterns, hundreds of frames, hundreds of photo edges and so on and so on…

There are many companies and individuals who are producing plugins, scripts, actions, templates and so on for the specific task. Filter Forge is developed to be all in one plugin. Library of filter…

50% off of the Topaz Complete Collection

Good news for photographers and designers comes from Topaz Labs. They are offering Topaz Complete Collection, which contains 17 products for only $249.99 (normally $499). Offer is valid from 25th through November 30th. The coupon code is: BLACKFRIDAY2015.

Note for existing customers: Owners of the older Topaz Collections can take advantage of the savings as well! They will just need to log in to their accounts to see their unique Collection upgrade price, then apply the code for 50% additional savings!

What is included in Topaz Complete Collection There are a total of 17 unique and highest quality plugins which can be used as standalone apps or as plugins with various host applications: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and so on. Here is complete list of products with description.

Photo Effects:
Topaz Adjust for brilliant contrast, detail, and color adjustments.

Topaz B&W Effects - Turn your color photos into exquisite monochrome images that will …

Create Cool Compositions Using Photoshop and Adobe Stock

In this tutorial I will show you how quickly and easily to create a cool composition using Photoshop CC 2015 with one of my PSD templates and image from Adobe Stock. To follow this tutorial you do not need a huge knowledge nor experience. That's the advantage of PSD templates or popular mockups. When you add to that and Photoshop fantastic tools, plus images from Adobe Stock which are captured with larger composition in mind, then you have the opportunity to get professional looking result for a few minutes. You can use this technique to simply practice, play around and post image/composition on your blog, site or social network. This technique works also to deliver high quality results to your clients under pressure or deadline.

Note before we begin: at this moment (23.11.2015)licensing is not available in all countries. Check if your country is listed before you decide to create compositions for your client. Excerpt from Adobe Stock Learn & Support / Common Questions:

Custom Zoom Value in Photoshop

Many times you will want to see your images with different zoom level. Sometimes you will want to see your image at exact zoom level, which may appear difficult to match using common tolls and keyboard shortcuts. It is actually very simple, quick and easy. In this quick tip I will explain you how to zoom at any zoom level that you want to see your image.

Zooming at any level (percentage) In the lower left corner in Photoshop you can see current zoom level of your images. The value will change instantly as you are using Zoom Tool, common keyboard shortcuts or scroll wheel.

In case that you want to see your image at let's say 50%, then you can simply double click on the current value to select it.

The next step is to type number and to press Enter/Return.

Zoom and keep selected Now what if you want to see your image at a couple of different percentages one after another? There is trick to keep the selected percentage number and to see your image at that percentage in the same time.…

Free Corn Seamless Tiling Patterns

Today I have to share Corn seamless tiling patterns. Patterns are saved with .pat extension and can be used in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Patterns are useful for Web and Print design. The license is free for personal and commercial projects as and everything else listed in freebies section and on my site Photoshop Plus > Free.

Patterns in this package are created using The Best Photoshop PluginFilter Forge. There are and so many other cool things that you can do using Filter Forge and Photoshop.

What is included in the package Package contains set with 5 different seamless tiling patterns with the following dimensions: 512x512px.

Preview of all patterns included in the package

Black Friday Savings on Creative Cloud

In this post I want to inform you about Adobe's offer: 20% off which is valid through November 27, 2015. If you are thinking about Creative Cloud or any of Adobe single apps, this is your chance because I do not think you will get better offer soon.

Plans and pricingPlans for individuals:Photography plan $9.99/mo which includes Photoshop and Lightroom.

Single App $15.99/mo (normally $19.99/mo) where you can choose one desktop app like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and so on. You will also get portfolio website, premium fonts and 20GB cloud storage.

All Apps $39.99/mo (normally $49.99/mo) which includes 20+ desktop and mobile apps plus portfolio website, premium fonts and 20GB cloud storage.

Small & Medium Businesses Promotional price for 3 years:

All Apps $49.99/mo (per license) with up to 100GB of cloud storage per license and advanced 24/7 tech support, plus 1:1 access to product experts.

Single App $19.99/mo.

Students and TeachersPhotography plan $9.99/mo which includes Photo…

Free Cloth Texture Generator For Photoshop CC 2015

There is a new script for Photoshop CC 2015 by Adobe Research Imagination Lab: Cloth Texture Generator available for free from Adobe Add-ons. In this post I will give you basic and the only instructions that you will need on how to install and use script which will make designers happy.

How to get Cloth Texture Generator As already mentioned, script is available from Adobe Add-ons site which you can visit by clicking on this link or from Photoshop CC 2015: Window > Browse Extensions Online...

Type: cloth in the search bar and press Enter/Return. When thumbnail of extension appears on your screen, click on the title to open new window with download/install button.

Click on Free button and wait a couple of seconds. You will get notification from Creative Cloud desktop app that the extension is installed. Restart Photoshop CC 2015 if it's running.

How to use Cloth Texture Generator The script will be available from Edit > Fill menu.

You need to choose Pattern from Contest drop-…