How To Get Shape Other Than Rectangle in Photoshop

How To Get Shape Other Than Rectangle in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop have very powerful vector tools. Unfortunately many users are limiting their vector based work to basic tools and shapes. In this tutorial I will present you some of the available options to create, save or to get for free almost any imaginable shape which you can further customize for your project needs.

Photoshop Plus

Custom shape options

There are many available options to get vector based, fully editable shape in Photoshop.

Option 1 Custom Shape Tool
The very first option is to use shapes which ships with Photoshop and are available under Custom Shape Tool (U).
custom shape tool

Option 2 Pen Tool
The second option that I want to mention is that Photoshop offers Pen Tool which you can use to create any imaginable shape. There is a catch with this tool which appears to be difficult to master for many users.

Option 3 Build complex shapes
Another option is to create complex shapes using basic shapes. It is obvious that just any shape can be divided into simple, basic or primitive shapes. That's worth to know and beginning of my presentation.

Option 4 Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator is most powerful vector based tool to easily create just any shape. Every shape that you can create or import in Illustrator can be copied and pasted into Photoshop. Simply select shape in Illustrator and copy it. Switch to Photoshop and press Ctrl/Cmd + V then choose: Shape Layer.
paste shape from Illustrator

Option 5 Creative Cloud Market
Open Creative Cloud desktop app and go to Assets > Market. There are tons of PSD vector based files and various shapes. Here comes in place advantage of having Illustrator installed along side with Photoshop because there are tons of Illustrator and SVG files with shapes which can be easily copied and pasted in Photoshop.
Creative Cloud Market

Option 6 WWW
You can download from the internet enormous amount of different custom shapes. There are and sites which are providing separate files for Illustrator and Photoshop (.csh extension) like All Silhouettes. Let me know if you cannot find shapes that you are looking for.
csh extension

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

Photoshop Help / Draw shapes


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