Export PDF To Any File Format From Adobe Acrobat DC

Export PDF To Any Format From Adobe Acrobat DC
One of cool options in Adobe Acrobat DC is to export file as MS Word document, as MS Excel spreadsheet, MS PowerPoint presentation, HTML web page or even as rich text format or plain text. I found those options very useful. Here is tutorial on how to create PowerPoint presentation using InDesign, which is king for page layout. In this tutorial I will give you basic and the only instructions you need on how to convert your PDF file to, basically, any format that you may need.

Steps to export to any format from Acrobat DC

There are only two steps in this process. In essence, you must know which format you need and the rest will be done by Acrobat which is giving you and some additional options.

Step 1 Open your PDF document

I must mention this step, otherwise I will end-up with one step tutorial (ha, ha).

Step 2 Export to any format

There are two ways of exporting:
  1. Go to File > Export To > choose an option.
  2. Click on Export PDF in the right sidebar then choose option or click on More Formats. Many formats like MS Word, PowerPoint presentation and even JPEG format have a gear icon which will allow you to further customize exported files.
JPEG options when exporting from Adobe Acrobat DC


Quick tip, right? It is. Most of the tutorials for Acrobat can be written with a few paragraphs. That's why I like this guy and why I am using it.


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