Publish Online Straightly From InDesign

Publish Online Straightly From InDesign

I found that new feature in InDesign CC 2015: Publish Online is actually quite useful, although you will see: Preview next to this option in the File menu. Adobe officially does not recommend to use this option for production, but I do not see any problem so far.

This option allows users to publish documents and share them straight from InDesign avoiding other platforms like Scribd or Slideshare which I am usually using for my documents. The interesting part is that you can include video, audio content and animations in your documents. After publishing document you can easily share links across social networks or to embed it in your blog post.

How to publish documents online directly from InDesign

It is quite simple and easy process as you may expect. Open document in InDesign and go to File > Publish Online (Preview). Another and faster option is to click on Publish Online icon in the top right corner of the application window.
publish online

In the Publish Online Options dialog > General you can add a description and to select pages which you want to publish. Default settings are to publish all pages as pages (there is an option to publish spreads).
publish online options general

In Advanced tab you can set Cover Thumbnail, to control Image Settings (leave default my recommendation) and also to control image quality what can be useful sometimes. In case you have GIF in your document, then you can check and GIF basic options.
publish online options advanced

Once you are done with the settings just click on OK and InDesign will do the rest. You will see progress dialog.
publish dialog

When uploading is done, you will have options to share link or across social networks, all that straight from InDesign without leaving the application. Nice, isn't it?
publish dialog after uploading document

In case you want to embed your document or to see it online go and click on View Document button. To copy code for your site click on (< / >) then click on COPY link.
embed document

How to access published documents

To access already published documents you do not need to leave the application or to remember anything beside option Web Dashboard in File menu. You can also use File > Recently Published > Name of the document. Nice!
web dashboard

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe InDesign CC 2015

Publish Online (Preview) from InDesign


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